NEW Video by philly post punk band Stellarscope- You never learn from the album “The end is near. I’m not prepared” #shoegaze #indierock  For fans of My Bloody Valentine 

Ola’s Kool Kitchen podcast 243 Hot off the press ready for eager music lovin’ ears! Featuring ShiShi, and dreamweapon! Shout out to Tom Lugo, André Couto and Edgar Moreira! If you dig it, please share tis a free and beautiful thing that needs to be heard!
Show Tracklist 243
1. The Donnas-Skintight-Get Skintight-Lookout
2. God Bullies- Like It Like That-Dog Show-Amphetam Reptile
3. ShiShi- Season of the Bitch-Eternal Bliss-Patetico Recordings
4. Phaser-Are You There-Sway-Emperor Norton
5. Dreamweapon-Someone’s At The Door-Dreamweapon-Brandit Music
6. The Plimsouls-Zero Hour-Zero Hour-Beat
7. B-Movie-Nowhere Girl-single-Some Bizarre
8. Plan B-Ill Manors-Ill Manors-The Sanctuary
9. Claude Speeed-Tiger Woods-My Skeleton-LuckyMe
10. Julian Covey and The Machine-A Little Bit Hurt-single-Island
11. Krokodil-You’re Still A Part Of Me-single-Liberty
12. Do Make Say Think-A Tender History In Rust-You, You’re A History In Rust-Constellation
13. Destroyer- School, And The Girls Who Go There-City Of Daughters-Tinker Recordings
14. Guided by Voices- Hardcore UFO’s-Bee Thousand-Scat

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NEW VIDEO:  Hey you, let’s go! by Philadelphia Post Punk veteran’s Stellarscope.

Another sonically charged fast paced ‪#‎postpunk‬ ‪#‎shoegaze‬ anthem.

Let there be rock! For fans of a place to bury strangers, the jesus and mary chain, skywave, etc.

Barely a ripple in the vast sea of noise
will have to find uses for all of these toys

Constant creations that no one will hear
It will not matter in a hundred years

Proof there’s a thousand ways to fail
sealing the coffin this is the nail

Well running dry, what is it all for
Avoiding the truth that you’ll be ignored

Not good enough for the mass appeal
why so much effort if nothing is real

Proof there’s a thousand ways you can fail
Sealing the coffin this is the last nail
Proof there’s a thousand ways you can fail
Sealing the coffin this is the last nail
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FALLEN ANGEL PRESENTS Morticia’s Chair, TESTOSTEROSO, DOGS OF LUST, The wans & Stellarscope
Friday, August 8 at 7:30pm at
The Legendary Dobbs South Street Philadelphia
Our friends from Cleveland’s alt-prog band Morticia’s Chair will be playing with us, plus Nashville’s The Wans will be tearing up the stage. Definitely a show you shouldn’t miss!

Sebastien Toutant, aka Seb Toots, Snowboarding’s Great White Wonder, The Alli Show Alli Sports

PANOPHONIC – “WHAT WE WOULD DO” #snowboarding #extremesports #panophonic #shoegaze

Emerging Indie Bands features: Stellarscope- Make Her Pay – Video #postrock #indie #alternative #noisepop


Stellarscope- Wasted Time EP

Stellarscope – Wasted Time EP
November 26, 2004 by lkilcrease

Wasted Time EP
What is it about the sound of crashing waves that is so relaxing? The experience is entirely destructive, chaotic, and most of all raucous, yet one can hardly help but feel awash in serenity merely sitting and listening to the pounding surf. Well, the veteran space-pop group Stellarscope has managed to plug directly into this sensation with their latest offering, the Wasted Time EP.
In Wasted Time, the folks in Stellarscope play space pop driven slowly forward by bass and drums as the guitars, vocals, and “space violin” build a massive wall of chaotic yet tranquillizing noise. The group borrows heavily and unabashedly from genre definer My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, right down to the blurry cover art. Singer, Tommy Lugo’s vocals are distant and mournfull, often harkening back to the late Ian Curtis.
The first track on this EP opens rather deceptively with a bassline cruising at a brisk pace and transforming into a Joy Division-esque song containing what could very well be the only decipherable words on the EP, as Lugo can be heard muttering “Maybe today is a good day to die.” The next five tracks on the EP are one wall of sound after another, and even though none of them stand out particularly in my mind, they really don’t have to.
While Stellarscope’s Wasted Time probably won’t be likely leave a lasting impression on the listener, the 24 minutes of gentle swagger and aimless bliss it induces make up for this in spades. You’ve definitely got to be in the right mood to enjoy this type of music, but when that mood strikes you and you’ve got a half-hour to kill, Stellarscope’s Wasted Time is surely a stone-cold lock.