Maker her pay by Philly Post Punk Band Stellarscope from their latest record ‘The end is near. I’m not prepared.’
Live footage at Pat’s in the Flats Cleveland Ohio

Live line up:
Tom Lugo- Vocals and Guitars
Edward Neenan- Guitars
Bob Forman- Drums
Scot McBride- Bass

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‘The end is near. I’m not prepared.’available at these fine retailers
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Philly postpunk rockers STELLARSCOPE featured in UKs Its Punky! Radio – x rated chat, punk music, comedy, podcast

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Goopa! Goopa!

It’s Punky! Radio’s ninth birthday! I’m not letting Tony off without telling you what’s occurring, though…

“Happy Birthday to us! To help us celebrate our 9th Birthday, yes that’s right our 9TH BIRTHDAY, we are joined in the studio by The Tuesday Club! If that’s not enough to boggle your coggle then get ready for some great songs from The 99ers, The Dustaphonics, Death Party UK, Tuesday Club, TV Eye, Stellarscope, Restless and Useless Eaters.

9 years and still not getting paid, hello to (2/7ths of) The Tuesday Club, Comedy Suburbs, MFC Chicken, Tony has your Facebook comments, why happened to Bear?, we talk to The Tuesday Club, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the 12 bar, we talk soft cheese, World Cup final, no Izzatwat, another quick chat with The Tuesday Club and thanks for listening!

Song 1: The 99ers – Skeeter Hop
Song 2: The Dustaphonics – Rockin’ Boogaloo
Song 3: Death Party UK – The Last Ride
Song 4: Tuesday Club – New Glamour
Song 5: TV Eye – The Royal Family
Song 6: Stellarscope – Overblown
Song 7: Restless – Abracadabra
Song 8: Useless Eaters – I Think She Wants To Find Out”

…Blimey – it really is coggleboggling!

Download NOW via and thanks for listening…


Friday, August 8 at 7:30pm
The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




The Fans

The Fans

Audio Kings of the Third World

Audio Kings of the Third World

Philly’s post punk band Stellarscope to be featured on GasHouse Radio Mon Jul 14 2014 @9:00 am Tune in to best of Philly Indie Rock! #postpunk #indierock #shoegaze #philly

Stellarscope tore up the stage at World Cafe Live for the Gorilla Music ‘Once in a Lifetime Tour’

Stellarscope – Welcome to the show at World Cafe Live

The Shoegaze Collective Sounds Compilation featuring:
01 Stellarium “Any Day Is Fine”
02 Lautmusik “Invisible Shield”
03 Spell 336 “Tears Of Sky”
04 Loomer ” All Gone”
05 Drowner “Chime”
06 Asalto Al Parque Zoologico “Breeze”
07 Data Unit “For Your Smile”
08 93 Million Miles From The Sun “July Sky”
09 Starfire Connective Sound “Acid Morning Ride”
10 Stellarscope “Still Standing”
11 Transmission ” Missing”
12 Chatham Rise “In Skies”
13 Screen Vinyl Image “Slipping Away”
14 Bela Infanta “Refratário”
15 Autumn’s Grey Solace “Gondwanaland”
16 Lavalsa “She Floats”
17 Morpheme “Stratosphere”
18 Acaena Eterna “Michelia”
19 Herod Layne “Prelude For Anticipation”
20 [aftersun] “Old Dreams Are Not Innocent”
21 Her Vanish Grace “Countdown”
22 The Tamborines “Come Togheter”
23 Curchilhill Garden “Lost Vocal Version”

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