VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” Got That Feeling ” A Tribute To Skywave.

Why Rock Back for Nepal is an important release of 2015.

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New release ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records’ – “Got That Feeling – A Tribute to Skywave”

“It is filled with gigantic intensity, edge and of course ‘gleaming & steaming’ voltage gulps of distortion. It is just an electrifying tribute to one of the most powerful, influential and gravitating noiserock music units that have come out of the states, for sure”   – Forkster 
“Finally: A Tribute To Skywave, The Shoegaze Band Virginia Ignored”  –
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(via Facebook – Left to Right) Skywave Band were: J. Fedowitz, P. Baker, O. Ackermann
Renato Malizia (TBTCI`s owner) with the help of Paul Baker (former Skywave) created a tribute to one of the most underrated bands born in the USA, Skywave, which was formed by Paul Baker (Ex Ceremony, current Static Daydream), Oliver Ackermann (A Place to Bury Strangers) and John Fedowitz (Ceremony).

The tribute has participation of…

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Click HERE to listen to the show.

The playlist:

  1. Swans – Lunacy
  2. Clustersun – Hipgnosis
  3. Red Sun Revival – Four Walls
  4. Grooving In Green – Some Kind of Saviour
  5. The Marionettes – Spirits
  6. How To Destroy Angels – A Drowning
  7. 23 Skidoo – Freeze Frame
  8. Lunar Twin – Champagne (Ummagma Remix)
  9. IAMX – Music People
  10. Red Sun Revival – The Awakening
  11. Dreamchild – L’Heure Verte
  12. Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
  13. Arts of Erebus – On the Edge of Insanity
  14. Geometric Vision – Black Heaven
  15. New Zero God – Love Means Death (live)
  16. The Underrunners – Joyrider
  17. Panophonic – Served Cold
  18. A Cope for collapse – Waiting For
  19. SPC ECO- Push
  20. Soft Kill – Seven Hundred
  21. Lights That Change – Voices
  22. Malka – Mirame
  23. Blackfield – Glow

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Ear To Ear

‘Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival’ is an epic, truly international 30-track compilation, involving underground artists from all over the world, who are virtually united under one revolutionary flag – that of a shoegaze revival.

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A tribute to Skywave- One of the most under-rated bands in the USA gets a deserving tribute!
Featuring The Offering, A Place To Bury Strangers, Static Daydream, Screen Vinyl Image, Stellarscope, The Vera Violets, Whorish Boorish, Lautmusik, The Prids, and many more!

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This mammoth new 30 track collection, curated by Ear to Ear Records and Gerpfast Kolektif, may be the best tool at the revival’s disposal to hammer this point home, featuring artists from 16 different countries – this is a truly global phenomenon – all operating under the ever-expanding shoegaze umbrella. And while there are certainly traces of the influence of the genre’s trailblazers, this is far from hollow imitation of a bygone era, with a diversity which shows just how much potential the genre has to grow now that it can see past its own fringe.

So aside from the massive guitars and reverb-sodden layers of vocals that one traditionally associates with shoegaze, you’ll also find wistful dreampop, neo-psychedelia, post-rock, traces of 4AD that run the spectrum from This Mortal Coil to the Pixies, and in Clustersun’s excellent “Hipgnosis” there’s even an unlikely Pink Floyd tribute, which is an absolute…

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