Powerpopulist got their 2 favorite tracks in “REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival Gerpfast Kolektif x Raphalite Records“, Sharesprings and Stellarscope.
whats yours?


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Rock_Back_For_Nepal_-_Volume_One@pateticorecords  @ShamelessPR_

Artisti indie di tutto il mondo Uniti per il Nepal in Disaster Relief Series

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Rock And Roll Creations features Rock Back for Nepal Compilation series
VOLUME 1 features
SPC ECO (UK), A Place to Bury Strangers (USA), Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine), Lights That Change (UK), Sounds of Sputnik (Russia), Stellarscope (USA), The Manhattan Love Suicides (UK), Clustersun (Italy), The One2s (USA), Panophonic (USA), Death Valley Rally (USA), The Virgance (UK), Purple Bloom (Japan), Arirang (Italy), The Artificial Shadow Band (Puerto Rico), Kitsch (Panama), and Revolution, I love you (USA)

VOLUME 2 features
Malka (NYC-Peru), Asalto al Parque Zoologico (Argentina), Stella Diana (Italy), Chatham Rise (USA), Tape Runs Out (UK), Under the Wire (USA), Psiconautas (Puerto Rico), Car Crash Sisters (Mexico), Last Remaining Pinnacle (USA), The Narentines (Switzerland), Human Colonies (Italy), Sueño con belugas (Puerto Rico), Blackfeather Jane, Dead Parties (Spain-Australia), Estrella Oscura (UK), Mayflower Madame (Norway), and Los Sub (Argentina)

VOLUME 3 features
Novanta (Italy), Lunar Twin (USA), Joaquim Barato (Portugal-Peru), Withershins (USA), Un-Reason (Italy), The Long Knives (USA), Lazarus (USA), Salvia (Chile), This Forever Sky (UK), Clarence Mayhew (USA), Corrosive Water (USA), Sonora Coisa (Brazil), The Paper Road (Portugal), Hijos de Paul (Argentina), Drass (Argentina), Cthulhu Martini (USA), Fovea (USA), Matotumba (Puerto Rico), Bergegas Mati (Indonesia), and Get Lost, Wire Avenue (Slovakia)

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Rock Back For Nepal

Patetico Recordings have united Indie artists from around the globe to release 3 compilation albums, in aid of victims of the Nepal earthquake.

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From drums rolls throughs a numbers game to a techno track cut short…

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:02 Pure Pleasure Miller, Scott/Zeitgeist MILLER S Tipping Point Forth and Back Pure Pleasure Twilight Funhouse Consortia (S Mille~1 New Focus 2015
2:07 Chowtime bbigpigg Din Din Money Fire Records 2015
5:00 Glue Buzz My Cruel Goro My Cruel Goro EP #Italy #Iceland 2015
5:25 Clean Dreams Woolen Men Temporary Monument Woodsist Records 2015
3:27 Devil’s Gutzy The Mumzees GUTZ 2014
1:40 You’re Making It Difficult Yea Big The Wind That Blows No More Metal Postcard 2015
4:30 The Blessing Stephan Micus Nomad Songs ECM 2015
3:36 II Quarrel…

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This show was published 8/10/15
Zeynep Ozbilen “The Places I Go” – Zee CD http://www.zeynepozbilen.com
Jenee Halstead “Edge Of The World” – Edge of the World CD http://www.jeneehalstead.com
Sinplus “Up To Me” – Up To Me CD http://www.sinplus.net
Chocolate Strings “Hot Tip” – s/t CD
Skittish “Regarding The Wolf” – Two Legs Bad CD http://www.iamskittish.com
Val Blaha “August” – Water, Ashes & Wood CD http://www.valblaha.com
Running time: 56  minutes
Recorded in stereo…

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Patetico Records has released Broken As We Are by Panophonic.


It’s always nice when someone spends of their valuable time reviewing your music. Thank you so very much Sphere Music for the kind words. Sphere Music review: Patetico Recordings has released Broken As We Are by Panophonic