panophonic- “FINAL RENAISSANCE OF MAN” review

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Jul 25 : Philly Band Week No.4 – “FINAL RENAISSANCE OF MAN”
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Arising out of the burning embers of “Too Pretty for a Riot” on the profile page yesterday, we still remain in macro mode and are now hearing on the profile page panophonic ‘s song, “Final Renaissance of Man”.

panophonic is the solo project of Tom Lugo, who is the front man of Philly band Stellarscope. In panophonic, he plays all the parts, recording each one over the other in layers. On this particular track, however, Tom is joined on guitar by Paul Baker, ex guitar player to Skywave. Paul now plays in a duo called Ceremony.

panophonic takes yet another position on today’s human condition, and that would be one of embracing what the present offers. In the section of the page where panophonic claims its influences, it states, “the beauty of the chaos around your everyday living”. panophonic does large sweeping panoramas about life, many of them, as in today’s song, are instrumentals. And some, like “Dance of Dead Souls”, are about life in death.

Here is an excerpt from Panophonic’s page ::::

Stellarscope‘s leading man, Tommy Lugo, takes you on a voyage throughout the boundaries of space and time. His solo project evokes the sounds emanating from the stars. Blending pop song-writing, ethereal guitar soundscapes, bleeps, noises, samples, electronic beats, & floating vocals. He has recorded 11 full length albums since the winter of 2001.

He is also known in the underground circuit for the festivals, shows, tours, and constant work that he does to further scene in the Eastern US and abroad working with hundreds of bands since 1998 with his company Patetico Productions.

Tom has lots of good pictures in his albums, but I picked the one above because it most visibly shows his love for music. In addition to his work with Panophonic and Stellarscope, he also runs the label Patetico Recordings. And in addition to that, he puts in a lot of time promoting noteworthy bands in the mid-Atlantic region, from Virginia up to New York, as well as from Puerto Rico, where he traces his roots.

I’ve met few other people who have as great a range of knowledge of the local and international music scenes, as well as a depth going decades back.

There isn’t any other one individual who has influenced what I listen to today as much as Tom. Through his “Flow of the Underground” concert series, as well as his more recent “Popnoise Festival” I have been introduced to many bands I probably would never have heard otherwise. And, as I follow those bands when they do additional shows, I become familiar with even more new bands that I would otherwise not have heard.

In addition to Panophonic, three of the other bands in this week’s lineups I came across indirectly as a result of going to Tom’s events.

Tom has an undying commitment to music, not only to his own, but to that of others as well.

To visit Panophonic on Myspace, click here ::: panophonic

To visit Stellarscope on Myspace, click here ::: Stellarscope

To visit Patetico Recordiings on Myspace, click here ::: Patetico Recordings

To visit Popnoise Fesitvals on Myspace, click here :::Popnoise Festival…ogID=418014578


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