Photo & Video review May 9th-Metro Gallery= stellarscope, skydivers, the opposite sex

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So yeah, soundpool couldn’t make it due to budgetary constraints and their need for a new bass player, DJ Rex Nexus cancelled the same afternoon citing illness… so, we hit the road and headed to Baltimore…

traffic sucked (but what is new) and got into Baltimore at around 8pm, we stopped at a bar that read Gallery on it… some strange people were hanging out side but we could hear some live punk music blaring through the neighborhood, we figured we were in the right place… so we walk into the bar, and it was like a scene from a movie… everything turned silent and everyone looked towards us, at the time we noticed that there were only men at the bar and some were in drag… yes, it was a gay bar and not were we suppose to be at… so we jetted like bats out of hell. We turn the corner and there was the Metro Gallery…

the members of skydivers we already there and as well as the members of the opposite sex… some greetings took place and we started moving out equipment inside. We are greeted by Sarah (who runs the Metro Gallery) and though we have only spoken only over email messages before she treated us like old friends (she is so sweet).

We went to the corner bar to grab some grub (the pizza was killer) and visited the coolest bathroom I have ever seen… all of the walls were painted like an underwater mermaid scene… really cool.
Yeah, Casey (thrushes) was there as well as Ixtab (who hung out was night pretty much all night and showed us around a bit).

The Opposite Sex took the stage sometime after 9:30 and brought the house down with their sound (that conjures joy division and Bauhaus)… post punk energy at its best.
Shawn was dancing all over the stage, the sound was pumping and energetic…. setting the bar really high for all the rest to come.

Stellarscope took the stage at around 10:30 and played a brand spanking new set including the jam “quite frankly”, which was a jam they created the week before. Yeah, hard hitting in your face fusion of psychedelic rock, shoegaze/dreampop, and metal sonic mayhem.

Skydivers took the stage at around 11:30 and rocked the Metro Gallery like if they were playing a stadium… beautiful melodies, steady beats, resonating bass lines, and Spacey singing his heart out. Their sound is reminiscent of The Church and Kitchens of Distinction.

They ended their set, we hung out outside and shot the bullsh*t and packed our stuff, said our farewells… and reeled all the way back to philly after an awesome night of music!

The Opposite Sex



The Opposite Sex




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