Pictures and videos Easter Shoegaze Extravaganza in review

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Special Easter Shoegaze Extravaganza in review:

The night started early, meeting at the club at around 6:30PM, introductions happening left and right there after, and catching up on happenings on everybody’s end. Then some eating was done and the show began at around 8:30PM…

DJ Rex Nexus started spinning new and classic shoegaze, dreampop, psych, indie, ethereal, alternative rock… he was all smiles all night long!

Insect Guide took the stage first- the duo from Leeds (UK) not only creates quality dreampop every track is also accompanied by synchronized surreal videos projected as their background. Su Sutton (vocals, percussion) and Stan Howells (guitars/electronics) expand on the sound of the likes of Curve, Spacemen3, sonic boom (their newest release is remixed by sonic himself), slowdive, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Massive walls of reverb, delay, and electronic pulsations accompanied by the soothing vocals of Su were a definite treat a perfect way to start the night.

NYC’s rising stars: Soundpool were on right after and drenched the Khyber with their blend of dreampop, electronica, distortion, and reverbs (that can probably still be heard from the stratosphere right about now). The songwriting is better than ever and the visuals were compelling and hypnotizing as usual. The energy emanating from the stage was electrifying yet tranquil great for an Easter night mind voyage.

The Manhattan Love Suicides came on stage third and mulled everybody over like a runaway freight train with their massive walls of noise, distortion, delays, reverbs, and amps cranked to 11. A fast, furious, loud, driving, and beautiful 15 minute set of noisey brit pop ala Psycho Candy era JaMC, or APTBS, Skywave, Ravonettes, or Autodrone that made your ears bleed and your butt shake. Not only did they rock hard, they have the whole 80s punk/goth rockstar image sans the holier than thou attitude (they were super nice).

Panophonic- yeah, that’s me… so, I did get a lot of accolades from my peers and the peeps at the club but one never truly knows since people tend to be nice to you after you play even if you sucked…hahaha
All and all I thought I did well despite a minor power outage on my board in the middle of a track (the multi-plug become lose from the socket), I threw into the mix some new panophonic unreleased material, some older tracks, and some stellarscope remixes.

It all came to an end after midnight and we all hung out in front of the Khyber, shoot the B.S., laughed at the dorks passing by, and called it a night at around 2am.

It so worth the deafness and hangover the next morning!

the manhattan love suicides

insect guide

Random pix


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