Here is the up to date info on
The Walls of Soundfest is proud to present the performers for the 4th annual festival dedicated to the left of dial sound (shoegaze, dreampop, goth, postpunk, psychedelic, electro pop, indie, etc).
Sat Oct 4th 2008
Central Station

1917 Princess Anne St
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 371-0300

Line up and times:
1:40-2:15 solar temple suicides
2:20-2:55 myotis
3:00-3:35 the opposite sex
3:40-4:15 remora
4:20-4:55 northern valentine
5:00-5:35 skydivers
5:40-6:15 the antiques
6:20-6:55 2090
7:00-7:35 the obit
7:40-8:15 mythmakers
8:20-8:55 stellarscope
9:00-9:35 soundpool
9:40-10:15 tba
10:20-10:55 tba
11:11:35 tearwave
11:40-12:30 screen vinyl image



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