A.E.I. (Alianza Exploradora Intergalactica)

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hey everybody,
check out
“Beauty of your eyes” Panophonic vs. Un.Realhttp://www.myspace.com/unrealpr

also check out…
“Ataque de los clones”and “Marvelous K”

Info about what the project is all about…

A.E.I. (Alianza Exploradora Intergalactica)
The concept, originally known as “La Alianza” or “The Alliance” featured many different artistic acts and included secret handshakes between their participants on some organized shows through out the island of Puerto Rico.
The name “La Alianza” metaphors over the alliances of musicians and the idea of using computers and musical instruments alike to create new sounds. It all started on the road by multiple musicians, bands, noise makers, fans of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and other noise movements around the world.
The shows started like something very casual and even sometimes with people on laptops creating stuff and/or recorded jams by members of other great psychedelic projects from the Puertorrican underground rock scene.

In the past few months members of the band Un.Real have played a couple of shows under the name “La Alianza” and worked on a number of songs for a Noise / Electro pop music project developed by Héctor Caolo bass player and composer from the post rocking psychedelic band and Raymond “Gadget” Rivera from the post punk, electro rock band Psiconautas.
Working together on Fauna 8bit Gadget’s solo proyect influenced by Shoegaze music, Blitz, Electrofunk, mixing multimedia from Sega 64 and Nintendo Entertainment System consoles.
“This project does not try to dictate the direction of our bands” We are just making music and it’s all good” “In the next couple of weeks our plan is to enter the studio to record a new collection of songs” said drummer Samuel Diaz and a very important piece in the creation of this new material.
Check out some of our videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Slayers10

“Ataque de los clones” is one of six songs selected from a number of jams featuring Raymond “Gadget” Rivera and the rest of the band. In one of our shows a person said the song sounded like a theme song from a David Lynch movie and that made my night, because we are all fans of him said Rivera “Something like this you just have to put it out there”. This version of “Ataque de los clones” was pre-recorded this year for a mix down demo, these include weird DM’S, beats and is considered by the group as a “bone without flesh” chase of destruction, dramatic and melodic chaos. “Ataque de los clones” proximately showing at http://www.myspace.com/fauna8bit

Among the songs selected by the group to see the light on this new recordings session are the funky riffs, and vicious lines of “Marvelous K” , electro post rocking thriller originally recorded by Fauna 8bit “Electoclashy” and featuring “What We Would Do” & ]”Beauty of your eyes” Panophonic vs. Un.Real written and arranged by Tommy Lugo (Arnold Lane, Stellarscope, Panophonic) and

For more details stay tuned to http://www.myspace.com/unrealpr

Feedback is always appreciated!

  1. Alison says:

    Really cool music.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the additonal links

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