I wanted to wish you all a Safe & Happy Holiday Season… as a gift I have made available for FREE download 3 songs from my Christmas EP- 1. Little drummer boy 2. Christmas prayer 3. 20 days remain (’til Christmas)
I was recently asked what was the story behind the song “Christmas Prayer” and I would like to share it with you…

Last year, before the Christmas Holiday was in full swing, I was out in Philadelphia… the night was clear, the winter air was light and crisp, the Christmas lights looked beautiful throughout the city. As I was enjoying my stroll, I stumbled upon a homeless man… he was hungry, and he asked for some change, I didn’t have any as I did not have any cash on me so, I extended my hand, helped him off the cold ground, asked him to accompany me to get him something to eat and drink, and he smiled… we walked half a block to the corner café and he told me about his life… he was a war veteran that had lost everything because he could not let go of the past and the things he had done that he was ashamed of, he had been living on the streets since the 70s. As I held the door for him to enter the café, I noticed the customers staring at us, and he looked down and I could tell he felt ashamed… so we ordered and talked some more, and he ate faster than I had ever seen anyone eat before… he then told me that he had not had a full meal a couple of weeks. He thanked me for what I had done for him and when I walked him back to the spot were our paths had crossed he extended him arms and gave me a hug. I was holding back my tears as I said goodbye. He wished me a Merry Christmas and I did the same. As I walked away I didn’t want to look back… but when I reached the corner of the street something prompted me to do so… when I did… I saw no one… like he had never been on that street. My heart sank, I ran to the opposite corner to see if I could see were he had gone and I could find any trace of him. I was happy yet sad… and as I walked back to find my car I prayed for all of those in need; the veterans, the homeless, the runaways, the widows, the war stricken, the poor, the lonely… when I got back to my home and my family, I shared my experienced with them and later that night wrote the song Christmas Prayer- a prayer of thanksgiving for all the blessings we have that we tend to over look, a prayer for all humanity, a prayer for the weak, a prayer for those we love, a prayer for those who are not with us, a prayer for the children of the world, a prayer for peace, love, happiness, and understanding for people of all races and beliefs.

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