stellarscope- “this is who we are” review by Merlin Prog (translation)

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Rather alternative music from this trio who are experimenting with the large gold medal and constantly exploring new opportunities in the music’s infinite ocean of such. Philadelphiabaserte Stellarscope blends sonic madness, as some call it, with space pop sensibility. The result is often quite catchy music but with a subtle soreness. The dark under tones that at times is quite melancholy makes it all worth listening to. Sometimes the music is intrusive and rolled uncomfortably against one, sometimes the rich and soft, while other times it is self-searching and introspection. In short, dynamic and fresh music, and you never know where this musical bunny jump for the terrible mess of a metaphor with both the explanatory and humorous aspect intact! In the past decade, the band released several albums, and is constantly on the quest to renew and develop. Let us at once establish that Stellarscope is one of those bands that run their own race in without squint much to others. At Stellarscope is the inspired and enthusiastic is almost a spinal cord reflex, and it enjoys good listener! In the need of course not this mean that the music is good, but the large vinyl disc as it helps with real and genuine musical pleasure. Just listen to “Just Like Flower” in all its high-octane glory, and with it the sense of melody guide! Or what about the dreamy “So Blind” with all their creativity and balanced and appropriately and quiet keyboards parties nicely flavored with blurred echo. The band also entertains us with various guitar motifs repeated, and that in itself is not so exciting. What spices up the concept so that it will be interesting is an arsenal of effects. Effects that delay, maintain, and too many second stunts between the different frequencies of the explanation gives some sense? The most important is that this really is resilient and interesting to listen to, and we are the band’s lo-fi production that! Very, very proven, this is ten tracks that sounds like it comes from an accidental recording on a four track affair in a random basement. In sum then, this gives us an album with a high nostalgia factor, a reflective album where garasjepunkens attitude is strong. The record is definitely a hi-fi enthusiast’s worst nightmare, but for those who like psychedelic guitar music inspired fried in today’s filter and Stellarscope their creativity, this is a work of note. Although the guitar is the main instrument that is not the band off the road to let keyboardene have put some of the atmosphere. On “Ready To Blow” is the layer upon layer of keyboards that create a great outer space feeling. Before then smashed it with a rather rough rockhymne where the drums and guitar recall Hawkwind’s music to a certain extent. Towards the end there will be a reasonable fuzz loaded but also a gitarvirtuositet who are greedy good. “This Is Who We Are” is NOK most a disc for those who like the psychedelic and experimental, and many from the group of music fans will NOK really love this album. We think there is much exciting here, and find that this album has a lot of good music and of course a lot of creativity to offer.-Ulf @ Merlin Prog


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