Hi Boys and girls,

Hope you are all well, we have a lot going on… new reviews, new interviews, and now we need your vote http://www.indiebandsblog.com/indie-bands-blog-round-up/band-of-the-month/voting-band-of-the-month-february-2010  

Voting for band of the month is now open until 7th March 2010 midnight UK time.

To vote for stellarscope:

Leave the name of the band (stellarscope) in the comments section below.

Leave a comment on the page the band link to, with the name of the band (stellarscope) and the word ‘vote’ in it.

Send a message using our contact form, with the name of the band (stellarscope) and the word ‘vote’ in it Only one vote per individual will count.

In addition to the votes, internal stats are included in the band of the month calculation. The top thirty bands using the internal stats are listed. Only 20 bands make the chart and votes have a significant impact in the final chart placings









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