StellarScope: This Is Who We Are Review by Bob Ostrow

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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StellarScope: This Is Who We Are Review by Bob Ostrow

 You walk into a club today and you’re likely see a few video screens promoting upcoming shows and the crowd is generally dressed in street clothes, the kind purchased at a department store.  The bands?  Numerous styles, but most firmly planted in the current decade. 

StellarScope, a veteran, Philadelphia based trio creates music that evokes the image of clubs plastered with music bills and fans whose wardrobes were purchased in vintage shops.  Everyone in black.  Their new album This Is Who We Are offers up music that is serious, dark and emotive.  Noisy, sonic lead guitar over smooth rhythms and spacey keyboards create a soundscape for the eerily, heartfelt vocals. 

Hints of Iggy Pop on Just Like Flowers, My Bloody Valentine on Still Standing and Joy Division throughout, the band delivers a starkly beautiful sound that lends itself more to swaying than dancing.   StellarScope is for late at night played in dark, cave like clubs where the attitude of the audience is in sync with the music.  It doesn’t force the mood rather it meets the need of the darker side in most of us.


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