Rough translation…

Hey, calm! what has happened? which disc have I put in? “Fingerpaint the

colour of Sound” by Stellarscope of a such Tommy Lugo.. eh? and

who are they? It would appeal to know some more about them but at

the moment I do not have time (I only know that Tommy is

also the mastermind behind the project Panophonic), indies plow-play and go

with a new turn of this “Fingerpaint the Colour of Sound”.. of that

draft? boh!? probably They define himselves as shoegaze but I have never

understood that definition and for more Stellarscope play with the noise, the darkwave, with the postpunk, with the indie rock crucco and with post-rock (a particular Pò)..alla long

I can say decidedly that this job a very varied one and a winner.

The compositions are varied in between but it still feels all of its own, they can

also fregiarsi of the branding “Stellarscope” you will hear touches of Sonic Youth,

Slowdive, Joy Division and it points out to acid

post-psychedelic aggression (Tomorrow is Now of is an example)..

to tell the truth I also feel a Pò to us stoners indeed.. but

“Fingerpaint the Colour of Sound” is not a disc that can be described

in 4 words, it is a disc that crosses 20 years of rock in 50

minutes, and to the fine ones it leaves a sign you. “Fingerpaint the

Colour of Sound” is a job that will perhaps pass a Pò in silence,

unjustly, and it deserves your purchase for sure because it is truly one

breath of fresh air in the panorama rock clones of the 2004…


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