no brains zine review- stellarscope “fingerpaint the colour of sound”

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Stellarscope are really nice surprise. “Fingerpaint The Colour Of Sound” is beautiful dreamy psych post punk album. They call it “etherial post rock”, but if I have to describe their music n few words, to me it sounds like psychedelic Joy Division with some Loop, Spacemen 3 and very early Dead Can Dance influences. Still, Stellarscope are different and original. I like their changes from loud and noisy parts into dreamy and psychedelic sphere. Singer has really great vocal that goes perfectly with noisy and psychedelic guitar sounds. They also have some similarity with early Can. There are 13 songs and it’s almost impossible to pick out favorites. It’s getting late while I’m writing this review and this is perfect after midnight music, great CD before you go to dreamland.


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