so we turn to Pennsylvanian psych-ists Stellarscope who I’m certain we’ve featured with fond words at one time or another within these despatches though trying to find accurate reference markers is proving ever more difficult these days since my space chose to unwisely revamp our web pages without so much as a by your leave. Anyway enough grumbling for if you log onto the Stellarscope my space page you’ll be treated to their quite spiffing version of ‘silent night’ – which momentarily arrives treated in what can only be described as a fuzz crested pulsar emitting through the galactic fog bound ether before rearing in to crystal clear view upon waves of feedback halos clipped by a seriously divine like hazily dazed druggy vibe the mood being disrupted and channelled by star lit lilts and riff rupturing sonic squalls, strangely reverential and trippy – oh yea and spacey and spiritual to boot like a shoe gazed choir made up of Spaceman 3, Flying Saucer Attack and MBV types. -Mark Barton (Losingtoday Magazine)…blog/541450890


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