Live From The End of Time – Broadcast Recap

On Saturday, October 23rd, F Nice Records hosted a live recording of three bands on Unregular Radio. Stellarscope, a band from Philadelphia, came up to perform with local bands All These Elements and A Cat Whisker Radio.

Stellarscope is a three piece band from Philadelphia who’s music has a hard rock sound with a psychedelic influence. Their song, “Just Like Flowers” has upbeat percussion mixed with equally hard guitar riffs and the addition of electronic distortions gives it a space feel. Some of their slower songs use the same ecclectic combination of sounds.

All these Elements is a local Boston band that combines fast-paced rock with elements of pop. Katia Racine’s vocals give their music a catchy, danceable quality.

A Cat Whisker Radio is another local Boston band that has a punk-rock sound with a steady-paced and hard hitting feel. Some of their songs such as “My Friend Satan” includes aspects of folk as well.

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Here is a video of the action!


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