Gig review: Fuzz Factory 4: Radere, Music for Headphones, and Panophonic

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The evening drive through the city of Philadelphia was smooth, the air was crisp, and there was an energy filling the night. After a few turns I approached the Italian Market. The bright neon lights of Geno’s steaks illuminating the path a couple of seconds later I arrived at Teri’s Bar & Diner. You hear the sounds of Latin music playing through speakers overhead and I start to realize that the old Italian market has become a Latin market, tons of little eateries, market shops, and bodegas.

I walked into Teri’s and was immediately greeted by the staff and the customers, like walking into a neighborhood bar where everyone knows it each and hospitality reigns. A bas is on the right, as you walk in, booths are on the left, and a small stage in the far left hand corner. I set up my gear while talking to Jon (of music for headphones), soundchecked, and time for some grub. So walk next door of Teri’s to get some authentic beef tacos sprinkled with fresh cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and jalapeños. Came back in and ate them while hanging out with friends. Man, were they delicious.

People start coming in eating, chatting, drinking, and having fun while shoegaze, psych, and indie rock played through the diner’s sound system.

I took the stage at around 9 PM, played mostly new material written within 2 weeks of show; I had to a technical malfunction with my MC303 and lost everything programmed in it. Despite being a little nervous for not being too familiar with my out set everything turned out fine.

Panophonic- Fun Today live at Fuzz Factory 4

panophonic- Just like flowers live at Fuzz Factory 4

Then music for headphones took the stage and played a great set of psych rock. The drummer played some electronic drums which added an electro vibe to their live sound.

Music for Headphones live at Fuzz Factory 4

The final act was Radere. Slowly building upon layers of sounds, this one man band delivered a one song set of atmospheric musings.

Radere live at Fuzz Factory 4

The night came to an end, we shared and expressed our excitement for we had experienced yet another night of do it yourself psychedelic rock night in the city of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia.

Fuzz Factory 4: Radere, Music for Headphones, and Panophonic
Sunday, January 16 2011
Teri’s Diner Bar
1126 S. 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA
an evening of ambiance, electro, and kraut movements. This promises to be a great evening with proven provocative artists!


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