Blue skyed and clear for Slowdive

Digital release on So Soft recordings (Spain) in 2002

 There was a similarly titled Slowdive Tribute Compilation released on Morr Music. So Soft Recordings was already in the process of releasing this compilation, ironically, with the same name.

Enjoy the music:

 Tracklisting and contributing artist:

1.Dagger – Eleva

2.Shine – Lou Anne

3.Visions of LA – NC

4.Morningrise – Resplandor

5.Primal – Panophonic

6.Good day sunshine – por Taxi Driver

7.Celia’s dream – Andrea’s Pomp

8.Allison – Nieve

9.When the sun hits – Ligre

10.Spanish air – Stellarscope

11.40 days – Les Femmes Fatales

12.Rutti – Balago

Download link:


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