NEW Patetico recordings SIGNING: Dirty Pulp Theatre (From Milan Italy)

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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 Dirty Pulp Theatre is a band that was formed in Milan, Italy as an idea of Mirko (guitar) and Silvio (drums). They soon added Matteo (bass), and after many previous singers, Giulia (vocals). The group started by opening for UK Decay, a historic post-punk band from the golden years of the genre, in Milan. The post-punk influences are still very evident in the band’s musical style. Soon after, the band left Italy for five dates in Britain; when they returned, their sound had radically changed, almost eliminating the raw post-punk guitar to a much cleaner sound that brings to mind the shoegaze sounds of Cranes, Medicine, and My Bloody Valentine. They released their first EP ‘’Who Killed Ian Curtis’’ and a year after, Matteo left the band.

 In September 2010 the band began working on their first album, Excessive Noise , and after a lot of lives always with different bassists, Alberto J. comes as a permanent member in the band.

 The songs of this new album are much more experimental and they start to use prepared guitars with noise and new psychedelic effects.

The DPT draw inspiration from everything around them in their life,from their grey and cold city of Milan, to the music of The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth.

Their new record for 2011 will be released on Patetico Recordings.

 Download Who Killed Ian Curtis (ep) for free at the link :




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