Things are super busy at the Patetico Recordings Headquarters. Tons of new signings of bands from all around the globe.

We have been updating the links section- check it out and if you are not there and would like to be listed hit me up at

I have also added tons of live videos of bands I have performed with over the years like screen vinyl image, thrushes, skydivers, ceremony, skywave, highspire, panda riot, psiconautas, and many more

Incredible Russian IndiePop band Tally Ho!

Chicago’s shoegaze darlings Bliss.City.East

The juicy sounds of Skylight

Puerto Rico’s electro anarchists Descojon Urbano

Peru’s avant gardest Wilder Gonzales Agreda and many more

Ser.Es from Puerto Rico
Milan, Italy’s shoegaze post punk band Dirty Pulp Theater
Last but not least… mark your calendars boys and girls for a labor day weekend shoegaze extravaganza of epic proportions happening May 26-30 in Chicago. The Lake EFX Fest is the name of the festival and we have been working arduously to bring you some of the best shoegaze acts from around the globe. Some VERY HUGE surprises… just wait and see. More news to follow in the next couple of weeks.

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