“Rock Back for Japan”-Disaster Relief Fund compilation series update

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PATETICO RECORDINGS will be releasing the “Rock Back for Japan”-Disaster Relief Fund compilation series over the next couple of weeks.

It will be released for digital download, a couple of weeks later the hard copy CDs will be available through Amazon.

Please become a member of the site at http://www.patetico-recordings.com/apps/auth/signup?next=apps%2Fprofile%2F  as we will send updates through it.

Artists involved:

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 1

01.   Purple Bloom- kisses bloomed

02.   Apple Orchard- Half steps towards bright skies

03.   SPC ECO- Silo Too High

04.   Tahaki Miyaki- Somethin is better than nothing

05.   Insect Guide-

06.   Black Swan Lane- Age end

07.   Un.Real- Angel 75

08.   Spotlight Kid- All is real

09.   Tally Ho!- Rainbow

10.   Counterfeit i- Atlantis

11.   Panophonic- Disappear into the night

12.    Spell 336- Silence

13.   Orangenoise- Trust

14.   The DeFog- A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 2

01.  Stellarium- Chocolate & Strawberry

02.  Absence of Ocean- Open Heart (Open Fire)

03.  Hemming- Swinging at Ghosts

04.  Slowness- Slowboat

05.  Dead Leaf Echo- Baby Eyes

06.  The Ludvico Treatment- Enter secondary character

07.  Wavvement- The Girl in the Denim Vest

08.  Anthing+After- Disconnected

09.  The Bavarian Druglords- WorldofSound

10.  Ten Pound Troy- Unchained

11.  Boy Party- July

12.  Pilot Cloud- Meridian

13.  Short to the Ground- No Time

14.  This Scarlet Mourning- Shine

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 3

01.Ceremony- Control

02.Golden Gardens- The High Priestess 2

03.Bosques- Dorstein Rejse

04.Oblisk- Around the sound

05.Stone Darling- All I wanna Do

06.Resplandor- Twilight

07.Ludwyg- Phantom

08.Dirty Pulp Theatre- Excessive Noise

09. Hope- Wolfredt

10.After Sun- Walking Through This Door Again

11.Wavefield- Automatic Electronic Machines

12.Neorev-The Stars Above Us

13.Jesus Deluxe- No Middle Ground

14.Sway-Thirty Seven Miles Beside the Ocean

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 4

01.Plumerai- Empty Graves

02.Leaving Richmod- Your personal infinity

03.Jazzblaster- Dream

04.93millionmilesfromearth-Sorrow Song

05.Anne- Perfect teeth

06.The Psychocandies- High Love

07.Periscope- Freak Beat

08.Music For Headphones- Life inside a parka

09.Anji Cheung-Vessel of the Earth

10.Last Remaining Pinnacles- Students of V.U.

11.Phantom Vibrations- Burlington

12.Bloody Knives- Let me out

13.The Sunshine Factory- Sugar Sister

14. Chatham Rise- Air Feat (Featuring EJ Hagen)

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 5

01.Screen Vinyl Image- Too much speed

02.Tone Rodent- These Blues

03.Deep Cut- Decision

04.The Tweeds- Christmas Time

05.Victorie & Hyde- Fire we were

06.Presents for Sally- Three

07. SER.ES- Satélite

08. The Hope Slide- The Survivor

09. The High Violets- The Orchard

10.Whirl- Leave

11. FRACTAL – Niña Flor

12.Westkust- Falling through the floor

13.The Telewire- Silence

14. Stellarscope- You always know

Rock Back for Japan Vol. 6 (Still waiting on some tracks)

01.The Lost Patrol- Justine

02.Niels Nielson- Step Aside!

03.Isabela Music Club- What were you thinking?

04.Thrushes- Crystals

05.Elika- Seam

06.Patrik Torsson- Summary

07.The Second Floor- More science than soul

08.Mechanism for People- The taste of a sweet life

09.Starry Saints- The Long Fade

10.Her Vanished Grace- Blue

11.Ill-iteracy- Inside ya mind

12.C’est la Mort- Paper Ships

13.One Unique Signal- Bishops (what does it mean)

Please support our cause!


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