The Shoegaze Collective Sounds: A Wordwide Sound Explosion (2011) compilation features Stellarscope song

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FREE Compilation: Sussurros e Escarros: The Shoegaze Collective Sounds: A Wordwide Sound Explosion (2011)

01 “Red Dog” Morpheme

02 “You Kids Should Know Better” Airiel

03 “Humming” Medialunas

04 “Written” Drowner

05 “Dead Man’s Hands” The Crushing Low

06 “Taking The Pass” Fjord Rowboat

07 “Frozen (In Time) Waterballoon” This Lonely Crowd

08 “Runaway” Badhoneys

09 “Downtown” Autumn Thieves

10 “Empty Streets of L.A.” Moloko Velocet

11″To Dream That You Are Floating Drunk Among The Storm” Starfire Connective Sound

12 “On & On” Free Electric State”13 “Night” The Foreign Resort

14 “Near” Transmission

15 “Gone” Chatham Rise

16 “Quando os Muros Se Tornam Estradas” Bela Infanta

17 “Bernadette” Brief Candles

18 “Prelude For Antecipation” Herod Layne

19 “Redemption” Clarence Mayhew

20 “Song Of The Moon” Plasticstatic

21 “Oh So Clear” Stellarscope

22 “Wildfires” Chris Oliver

23 “Thank You” Data Unit

24 “When We Talk’ New Speedway

25 “Alpina” Acaena Eterna

Disc 2

01 “Silence” Spell 336

02 “Cathode Ray” Screen Vinyl Image

03 “Below” Asalto al Parque Zoológico

04 “Don’t You Put Your Hands There” Scarlet Chives

05 “Rocket Fuzz” Loomer

06 “Road Meets The Sky” The Fauns

07 “Dogma” S.O.M.A.

08 “Sirens” Her Vanished Grace

09 “White Christmas” 93MillionMilesFromTheSun

10 “Come Together” The Tamborines

11 “Ich Bin Zang” Music for Headphones

12 “Bury My Heart In Warsaw” Lautmusik

13 “Sacrificial Anode” Folieu Adieu

14 “Great Times” Panophonic

15 “Swamp” Hangin Freud

16 “The Waiting Song” ixtlan.noisetrack

17 “Forever Shaken” This Ascention

18 “About Kings And Queens II” The Sorry Shop

19 “How It Is” Lightfoils

20 “Send City Down” Ursula Minor

21 “The Ballad Of Billie Pearl

22 “Catch Your Fall” Presents For Sally

23 “Breathless” Wood Owls

24 “Black Pearls” Death Valley Sleepers

25 “Drawn To The Sea” Andy Durutti


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