UDSD School Board Meeting: FINAL VOTE Public Event · By Save Upper Darby Arts

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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June 26th will be the day the Upper Darby School District school board makes their final decision on next year’s budget. We would like to have every seat in the auditorium filled. In fact, we’d love to make the crowd so large that some will have to watch the proceedings in the lobby. This is the type of attention that this night deserves.

Right now, the proposed Academic Realignment will remove art, music, physical education, and library from the elementary curriculum, and it will end foreign language and technology at the middle school level. If these cuts go through, there will be ONE librarian for 14 school buildings and over 12,000 children. Students will only get access to FIVE years of physical education if they go to UDSD for all 13 years of their education.

Save Upper Darby Arts has collected over 22,000 petition signatures, and we hope this will make some difference when it comes to state funding for education.

As the day draws nearer, we will add more information to this space, but we would like people to try and show up at 6 PM, wearing purple, to draw in even more people. Please create sign and bring props.

If you’re not able to come right at 6 PM, that’s okay. Come whenever you are able to. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM, and we’d rather you even show up late than not at all.

Even if you are not a UDSD alumnus, please come. We need as many supporters as possible for the kids.

Check back in as the date draws closer, and we’ll have more details. Please share this event with everyone you know.


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