Shishi spun at ~SHIMMER~ SHOEGAZE & DREAMPOP w/ DJ Scary Lady Sarah & DJ Philly Peroxide!

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Shishi spun at ~SHIMMER~ SHOEGAZE & DREAMPOP w/ Scary Lady Sarah & Philly Peroxide!
by ShiShi on Friday, September 7, 2012 at 1:06pm ·

Greetings, friends! We had a wonderful time last night at SHIMMER! Lots of bands from TSC represented this month! Here is my playlist for the evening (I’m sure Scarylady Sarah will post hers here, too):

[PLAYLIST](Chicago) Thurs, Sept 6, ’12; SHIMMER at Late Bar

[A] Denotes request for a specific artist

[S] Denotes request for a specific song

[DJ Peroxide; set 1]

Arrange- Any My Hands Denied Me My Right

Data Unit- For Your Smile

Gazelle Twin- Changelings

Mojave 3- Sarah

Trespassers William- Red

Into the Trees- Hall

The Arctic Flow- A Diamond Under Glass

ShiShi- Anything For You

Jesu- Silver

Brief Candles- Permafrost

Purple Bloom- Star Is Mine

Skullsquadron- Tomorrow Morning

A*Star- Flashbulb

Spell 336- Dreamworld

Chandeen- Blood Red Skies

Dråpe- We Want the World

Ether Aura- Once Shed Skin

Anne- Summer Babies

Six.By Seven- Ocean

The Blessed Isles- Give

Chapterhouse- Breather

Medicine- The Pink

Secret Shine- Hole in Your Heart

Ifwhen- All of a Sudden

Still Corners- Cuckoo

Cranes- Paris & Rome (Flood mix)

Fleeting Joys- Go & Come Back

The Stargazer Lilies- Fukitol

Dead Leaf Echo- Act of Truth

New Canyons- Ghost & Water

M83- Reunion

Tears Run Rings- Forever

Suffering Astrid- Here to Die!

The Patience- In Vain

Presents for Sally- Smooch

Pinkshinyultrablast- Blaster

This Lonely Crowd- Shimmered Reveries

[DJ Peroxide; set 2]

[A] New Canyons- Everyone is Dark

[A] Astrobrite- Wandering Birds Blind

Siobhan Donaghy- Ghosts

A Sunny Day in Glasgow- Ghost in the Graveyard (Ulrich Schnauss mix)

Airiel- Flashlight Tag

Tamaryn- Dawning

School of Seven Bells- The Night

[A] Slowdive- When the Sun Hits

Swallow- Follow Me Down

Ride- Vapour Trail
[A] Spacemen 3- Revolution

ShiShi debut EP- So close to you: dreamy dancy indiepop nugaze music that soothes the soul!

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