District Beat reviews Philly Post Punk band Stellarscope’s ‘The end is near. I’m not prepared’

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Fact: Lo-fi is always better live.
That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy it in your car or on your computer. (Punk-tinged indie rock is fantastic rush hour rage music.) But the rawness of it is more pressing, more energized, when it’s right in front of you. Which is why you should give Stellarscope’s new record a listen and then go see them on March 12 at Tree House Lounge.
Coming from Philly and post-punk roots, Stellarscope set out to produce something broadly appealing on The end is near. I’m not prepared. It’s hard when your main interest is listed as “making noise,” but there’s just enough ’90s pop punk here to stoke nostalgia in those who have succumbed to radio sounds.
Fortunately, the band is a bit more complicated than that. They’re signed to frontman Tom Lugo’s indie label Patetico, and his interests in psych and shoegaze have spilled over into Stellarscope’s sound. That’s a good thing, because it keeps them from being yet another noisy band with nothing new to bring to the table. “Zero Gravity” explodes with psychedelic guitars, immediately indicating that The end is near. I’m not prepared is neither an angry anarchic punk storm nor a post-rock cinematic doomsday. It’s rough, but not off-putting—just transgressive enough to be deliciously fun. It’s what might be playing as a helicopter buzzes over a major metropolis, smoke rising from the skyscrapers. The situation is catastrophic, sure, but there’s an element of excitement—shit is going down, and didn’t we tell you so?
Stellarscope thinks you should listen to them if you like The Ramones. You should. You should also try them out if you like Black Moth Super Rainbow. This is the true secret of that broad appeal they’re trying to create: the fuzzed-out guitars and the driving punk and noise rhythms, all blanketed lovingly in Los Angeles-ready samples, fuse into an electrifying sound just refined enough to be stereo-ready. Still, the unifying forces here are grit, gravel, and rooftop explosions that will surely kill onstage.

‘The end is near. I’m not prepared’ will be release March 11, 2014
Buy the album here:


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