The Quiet Room Playlist – Show 2 – Friday 13th June 2014 includes Stellarscope, 93 Million Miles From The Su, Wozniak, The Enters, Dead Electric, and many more

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The Quiet Room Playlist – Show 2 – Friday 13th June 2014
Welcome to the Primal Radio Live blog and to this weeks ‘Quiet Room’ playlist. It’s been 2 weeks since our last slice of Shoegazery goodness on Primal Radio so we’ve a heap of new music for you on this weeks show!

First up, let me introduce to you to Glasgow band, Inuit. A Shoegazing, Noise Rocking tidal wave who have taken the Primal Radio HQ speakers to another level of brilliance these past weeks. Im going to take a track from their amazing album ‘Don’t Forget Your Here Forever’. Im playing the immense ‘The Staybright’ on this weeks show and believe me when i say it, you won’t want to miss this! Amazing!


Next up are a band from Austin, Texas called ‘The Telewire’. Another stomping Shoegaze band with a brilliant sound who have taken us by storm this week in Primal Radio HQ. Im playing a track off of their brilliant EP ‘Like Everything’ entitled ‘Escaping’ and this will blow you away!


Lastly, let me introduce ‘Pallow’ to you. Another brilliant band based in Atlanta, Georgia who released a 3 track EP back in January 2014 entitled ‘I’ll Build A Well’. Im playing the brilliant ‘Concur’ on this weeks show. Again, not to be missed!


You can tune in to the show live on Friday night at 9PM BST over at Mixlr.Com/Primal-Radio to hear the full playlist. You can also follow us on Twitter @PrimalRadioLive and we are now on Facebook.

@SqualorVctoria- ‘The Quiet Room’ Playlist – Friday 13th June 2014 – Primal Radio.

1) The Enters – End Of The Summer.

2) Follow The Sea – Bla.

3) Wozniak – Kreuzberg.

4) Dead Electric – Your Weak When Its Funny.

5) 93 Million Miles From The Sun – Tomorrow.

6) Force Fields – Hey American.

7) Man In Rug – Yellow Streak.

8) Flyying Colours – Wavy Gravy.

9) Stellarscope – Luxurai.

10) Why Said The Moon To The Earth – Sideways To Form Faces.

11) Crash City Saints – Cough Syrup.

12) OtherKin – Ego Mud.

13) Luna Ghost – Switch On.

14) Zeit – Numb.

15) Gigantic Leaves – If You Want To.

16) Jeanseburg – Watch Me.

17) Shalloboi – Sunrise.

18) High Low – Burnt.

19) Shana Falana – Yeah Yeah.

20) Savage Sister – Huge Moves.

21) Ummagma – Lama.

22) Ghost Box Orchestra – Vader.

23) Water Spaniel – 25 Eyes.

24) Pallow – Concur.

25) Inuit – The StayBright.

26) The Telewire – Escaping.

Del Chaney – The Quiet Room – Dublin – Friday 13th June 2014.


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