Stellarscope’s Ocean of Storms played on Loose Cannon Radio Monday 13th Oct 2014

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Stellarscope’s Ocean of Storms played on Loose Cannon Radio:

Loose Canon Playlist – Monday 13th October 2014

Smelt – Cheshire Postcode
The Sumo Kings – Sex Machina
Novanta – Light Changes
Stellarscope – Ocean Of Storms
Miss Mobile Home – Phototaxis
My Expansive Awareness – Space
Novanta – Windows
Moving Moscow – A Shape Has A Concept
Posture & The Grizzly – I Am Not A Real Doctor
The Manhattan Love Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You
Novanta – Worthless Whirls
Knuckle Puck – Oak Street
VLMA – Thumb Bucket
Oh, Rose – Lottery
Novanta – Novanta Song
Pattern is Movement – River
Bear In Heaven – Beast In Peace
Savage Sister – Huge Moves
Novanta – A Fever
I am your captain – As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops
Magic Love – Growing Organism
death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Gold Medal Winner
Man in Rug – Twilight Princess
Novanta – 2young2die

The featured album was Novanta’s ‘Best-Selling Dreams’.

Two hours of alternative/experimental/quirky pop/punk/post-punk/no wave/darkwave/shoegaze/psychedelia/dreampop and other assorted slices of musical excellence, plus talking – presented by Simon Edwards. Mondays 9 til 11pm, GMT+1.
The featured album was ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ from Novanta. #alternative #experimental #punk #postpunk #darkwave #newwave #shoegaze #psychedlia #dreampop


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