revolution – the shoegaze revival

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

the sunday experience

Judging by the excerpt / teaser there’s something of a slab of shoegaze tastiness coming this way shortly via a collaborative mind merge between imprints Ear to Ear of the UK and Gerpfast Kolektif of Indonesia. A gathering of worldwide talent all drifting below the radar called to a compilation summit meeting entitled ‘revolution – the shoegaze revival’ – a colossal 30 track melting pot that sees contributions from as far and wide as Pakistan to Peru all here to colour your listening appreciation in swirls of dream dipped hazes, among the roll call some familiar names are snuggled between the grooves – ummagma, lights that change and rev rev rev though on a quick earful of the teaser below we suggest that Chile’s trementina may take some shifting in the affection stakes with their beguiled MBV afterburns, we will of course be re-visiting this for a closer listen soon…

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