New Album ‘Broken As We Are’ By ‘Panophonic’ Out Now Via ‘Patetico Records’

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Planet Of Sound

panophonic broken as we are copy
New full length solo album by Panophonic (aka Tom Lugo) out now via Patetico Records. You can expect an intricate blend of indie pop songwriting, post punk aesthetics, shoegaze stylings, and gothic tendencies. The lyrical content is dark and emotive.
Singer songwriter Tom Lugo, hailing from the Southwest Suburbs of Philadelphia. He blends pop song-writing, ethereal guitar soundscapes, bleeps, noises, samples, electronic beats, & floating vocals. He is also known in the underground circuit for the festivals, shows, tours, and constant work that he does to further scene in the Eastern US and abroad working with hundreds of bands since 1998 with his company Patetico Productions.
‘Broken As We Are’ is out now via ‘Patetico Records’
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