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the sunday experience reviews panophonic’s version of ‘You made me realize’ from ‘forever and again’ a tribute to my bloody valentine on the blog that celebrates itself records

the sunday experience

before the hypnotic lure of the heavily studio sampled bliss bruised ‘loveless’, there was ‘isn’t anything’. Their debut full length was an exemplary fine tuning and a keynote bridge linking between their want for the craft of melodic noise and feedback laden shoegaze. We of course refer to My Bloody Valentine, the subject of a new covers appraisal by the very excellent the blog that celebrates itself entitled ‘forever and again’. There will be mentions aplenty for this over the weekend along with further thoughts on the labels quartet of releases that heralded the start of the New Year. For now though can we draw your listening affections to Panophonic’s sublime and faithful take on the classic ‘you made me realise’, a kick to the head, at once to the uninitiated it’s the sound of shambling friction and stuttering chaos, yet through the discordant haze of pedal effect skree emerges…

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