Stellarscope playing Elephants for Autism 2017 Festival at the watering hole in mays landing May 19 – May 21 2017

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Stellarscope is honored to be performing at the Elephants for Autism 2017 Festival at the watering hole in mays landing May 19 – May 21 6494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330.
Support a worthy cause! ***We’ll be testing out some new songs for the first time so be there so you can say you saw them performed live before we became super famous 😉 *****

Friday may 19th Indoor stage
515-615-Jacob Neugent
630-7-city line
715-745-mindless hope
8-830 -polytheist
845-915-step 13
930-10-Brandon smith band
1015-1045-argo (Alex and Bitsy)
11-1130-ILL rendition (acoustic)
Outdoor stage (rotating)
630-7-the high school superstars
7-730-judgment-day (formerly discectomy)
8-830-bosom band
830-9-whale drone
9-930-Quasimodo’s bride
930-10-Angels 8 riot
Saturday may 20th
Noon-1245-Matt Tarka
1-145-nancy Huebner
2-230-by torchlight
245-315-Christine Rubcich
320-350-Clark cummins
4-430-Jessica Graae
440-510-Tommy tequila
520-550-the skins42
6-630-mark MacManus
640-710-no such agency
720-750-the division
8-830-B1nary cur10us
840-910-dear forbidden
1120-midnight-famous and fallen
Outdoor stage (rotating)
1215-1-United fate
1-145-baby Diaz
145-215-wasting time
245-315- Jacob Graff
315-345-Danny Blackwell band
345-415-late night drifters
415-445-del thrusters
445-515-sex with Rollercoasters
515-545- surrender the night
545-615-FRND CRCL
615-645-LNJ sessions
715-745-Khalid Quesada
745-815- stellarscope
815-845- end November
845-930-good look, Sigourney
930-10-reckless x
Sunday may 21st
Indoor stage
1230-1-Danielle & jennifer
115-145-Kristen & bill
2-230-Geoff Moran
245-315-barry Aishton
330-4-Valentina Janie
415-445-Corinne & Matt podolski
5-530-The True And Daring
545-615-Jacob Neugent (2nd set)
8-830-scripted chaos
930-10-the damn long hairs
Outdoor stage (rotating)
1215-1-Tim Bolan acoustics
115-2-smaug tones
215-245-Vince March
3-340 get some
350-430-poor mouth Henry
445-530-bubba mac Blues band
645-730-black cat blue
745-845 -the burns brothers



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