Thank you Skope Magazine for the review: “On “Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost” Stellarscope sculpts a universe whose undeniable appeal is with its uncertain path forward.” Thank you Spoke Magazine for the review!!! The new album drops May 30!
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Stellarscope is honored to be performing at the Elephants for Autism 2017 Festival at the watering hole in mays landing May 19 – May 21 6494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330.
Support a worthy cause! ***We’ll be testing out some new songs for the first time so be there so you can say you saw them performed live before we became super famous 😉 *****

Friday may 19th Indoor stage
515-615-Jacob Neugent
630-7-city line
715-745-mindless hope
8-830 -polytheist
845-915-step 13
930-10-Brandon smith band
1015-1045-argo (Alex and Bitsy)
11-1130-ILL rendition (acoustic)
Outdoor stage (rotating)
630-7-the high school superstars
7-730-judgment-day (formerly discectomy)
8-830-bosom band
830-9-whale drone
9-930-Quasimodo’s bride
930-10-Angels 8 riot
Saturday may 20th
Noon-1245-Matt Tarka
1-145-nancy Huebner
2-230-by torchlight
245-315-Christine Rubcich
320-350-Clark cummins
4-430-Jessica Graae
440-510-Tommy tequila
520-550-the skins42
6-630-mark MacManus
640-710-no such agency
720-750-the division
8-830-B1nary cur10us
840-910-dear forbidden
1120-midnight-famous and fallen
Outdoor stage (rotating)
1215-1-United fate
1-145-baby Diaz
145-215-wasting time
245-315- Jacob Graff
315-345-Danny Blackwell band
345-415-late night drifters
415-445-del thrusters
445-515-sex with Rollercoasters
515-545- surrender the night
545-615-FRND CRCL
615-645-LNJ sessions
715-745-Khalid Quesada
745-815- stellarscope
815-845- end November
845-930-good look, Sigourney
930-10-reckless x
Sunday may 21st
Indoor stage
1230-1-Danielle & jennifer
115-145-Kristen & bill
2-230-Geoff Moran
245-315-barry Aishton
330-4-Valentina Janie
415-445-Corinne & Matt podolski
5-530-The True And Daring
545-615-Jacob Neugent (2nd set)
8-830-scripted chaos
930-10-the damn long hairs
Outdoor stage (rotating)
1215-1-Tim Bolan acoustics
115-2-smaug tones
215-245-Vince March
3-340 get some
350-430-poor mouth Henry
445-530-bubba mac Blues band
645-730-black cat blue
745-845 -the burns brothers


Thank you Human Pleasure Radio for featuring Stellarscope’s latest single “only strangers now” along with new music by Romantic States, Second Still, Lab Coast, Little Star, Fotoform and more.  #postpunk #indierock #altrock #newwave #stellarscope #philadelphia #radio


Thank you Indie Band Guru for the review of our new album “standing in the shadow of your ghost”-
-“Today there are the pop songs of the mainstream radio that entertain the masses but have no real soul. In the indie underground, there still exist heartfelt and edgy music that puts all the emotions of the songwriter right in the speakers for everyone to feel. This is the music that truly resonates with real fans of music. These songs are remembered long after they have their 15 minutes of fame. Our new friends Stellarscope have been carrying the torch for quite a while and still put it all on the table.”

Read the full review here


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ALBUM REVIEW | Alternative Facts: A Shoegaze Resistance Compilation V/A

‘Alternative Facts’ is a brand new eighteen track compilation of shoegaze & dream pop artists standing in opposition to tyranny. Half of the musical contributions to this compilation are new and exclusive, never heard before now. The compilation features music from Whimsical, Lightfoils, To The Wedding, The Stargazer Lilies, Fawns of Love, Panda Riot, Balms, Lazy Legs, SHEER, angel falls, The Foreign Resort, AEVE CVE, Blackpool Astronomy, Chatham Rise, A Thousand Hours, Charlatan & Tom Lugo‘s Stellarscope All proceeds from this album will be split evenly between Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union & is the brainchild of Cory Osborne (Lightfoils/Panda Riot) & Greg Wilson (DKFM Shoegaze Radio) with support of dozens of talented musicians and graphic artists, and released as the only label issue from our brothers & sisters over on DKFM Shoegaze Radio. Our contributing writer and head honcho Del Mac Sheáinaí took this one for a test drive and you can check out his full review by following the link below. The compilation gets it’s full release on March 17th 2017 and is available to pre-order right now from  #resist 



Cheng’s Martial Arts and Universal Systems of Martial Arts Annual Banquet



Honored to have been an invited guest for Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano hosted a formal seminar and book signing event for their new book, FMA Education: Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano.