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Thank you Simon for including Stellarscope on the Loose Canon Radio Show

Two hours of alternative/experimental/quirky pop/punk/post-punk/no wave/darkwave/shoegaze/psychedelia/dreampop and other assorted slices of musical excellence, plus talking – presented by Simon Edwards. Mondays 9 til 11pm, GMT/BST.
The featured album was Warm Trash’s ‘Condensed’.

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag
Chrome – TV As Eyes
Warm Trash – Replace My
Double Hapax – Berlin Basel
Rooksfeather – Stolen Soul
Mirrored Lips – Дорогой Хороший
Warm Trash – Shake It
Tuxedo Gleam – Accomplice
They Called Him Zone – Sunset Beach
Five Pence Game – Desesperacion ft Bea Garcia Cisneros of Twist Helix
Warm Trash – Split
Warm Trash – Keep Them Shut
Los Manises – Super Sr. Ze
Unqualified Nurse Band – White Dove
Мёртвый Гарри – Лестница
Warm Trash – Dances
MickeySaysBye – Twisting Bodies
Train Fantome – Le couer s’ouvre a l’interieur
House Mouse & Space Museum – Happy Boy
Warm Trash – Rack Blotter
Exotica – Caminando
Ave Negra – MCSE
Volta – Debut Battle
Warm Trash – Crumbling
Crack Cloud – Swish Swash
Palm – Walkie Talkie
Psicosomatica – Civilizacion Fantasma
Warm Trash – Rendered Input
Stellarscope – Don’t Belong
Rape Tape – Мы будем рядом
Gash – Blisters
Warm Trash – Jump Over Barrels
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First review of our new album “Shades of sadness and sorrow” by Sphere Music​. Album to be released March 3, 2015
“Nostalgia Kisses The Future with Shades of Sadness and Sorrow by Stellarscope​
-Yup, nothing could represent the power of indie music that Philadelphia’s own Stellarscope. They are back with a new album called Shades of Sadness and Sorrow. They are improving on the sound that defines them as a band: a combination of 80’s post punk, dream pop and Gothic atmosphere.”

Under the Wire releases Everything Haunts MePosted on February 2, 2015 by BAXTER LABATOS Leave a commentBand: Under the WireAlbum: Everything Haunts Me.Songs: I am nothing/Oceans are none/Drifter now/Down/Black out/Melancholy/Self Medicated.What you can expect from every Under the Wired releases is the electricity that flows through each song. There is the freshness yet the nostalgic not to the great bands of the 80s. I like to imagine them as a band that continue to carry the torch of great music without sacrificing their credibility to the evil of mainstream pop.Everything Haunts Me is the new EP, which is their second, and contains 7 tracks. I am nothing has a mellow style with chilled beats. The fullness of the music is done by layering. Under the Wire is comprised of two people: Tom Lugo and Jason Ellis. I am nothing reminds me of old This Mortal Coil. Remember the 4AD project headed by Ivo Watts-Russell in the 80s? I am not sure if UTW have embraced the 4AD credo but I can sense a bit of that in this EP.Oceans are None is explosively beautiful. I haven’t heard something like this in ages. The only artists that come to mind are Peter Gabriel and early Sarah McLachlan. The beats are seductive. The vocals are really awesome. Like the first EP, the tunes from Everything Haunts Me showcase a distinct guitar style that shows its loyalty to the dream pop genre.Either it’s The Cure or Fiction Factory, Drifter now nods on these bands. Two thumbs up to the keyboards. And since I am not a lyrics guy I paid more attention to the sound effects than the stories behind the songs. But if you want to know what they are all about then I will tell you. They deal with either unrequited love, despair, loneliness, inner conflict-the stuff of Gothic rock. For some reason, Under the Wire makes depressing themes sound like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.There’s Down-a kind of suspense and moody tune in the vein of Siouxsie and the Banshees.  Blackout behind jangles with Bauhaus inspired chords and distorted drums. Melancholy has an ethereal style that reminds me of early Dead Can Dance and at times it’s Joy Division. Self medicated closes the EP and I think it is the most cinematic track in this EP.Under the Wire continues to challenge the status quo of music, as thesetwo musicians write and record tunes that you can never -and will never-hear again in alternative rock.

via Under the Wire releases Everything Haunts Me.

MICK MERCER RADIO  broadcast 56 playlist:
ALIEN SEX FIEND – Dead And Re-buried
FLIES ON YOU – Hangdog
CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA – The Stars Can’t Frighten Part 1
FADED FLOWERS – Sunset Drive
THE B.H.D. My Egyptian
MOTH – In The Headlights
SECRET SIDE PROJECT – Body Is The New Frontier (Of ADV)
THE DANSE SOCIETY – There Is No Shame In Death
MENTAL WARD – Killing Creation
PALOMA FAITH – Stone Cold Sober
PLAY DEAD – Isabel
PLAY DEAD – Blood Stains Pleasure
DRAIN THE DOVES – Rainflowers
THE UMBRELLA – Persuaders
MISSION OF BURMA – Academy Fight Song
SINGING NUN – Dominique
NOMEANSNO – Joyful Reunion
STIFFS, INC – Mary Pickford, Marry Me
THE B.H.D. – Nothing More To Give
GOLDEN APES – Vengeance
VIOLENT SKY – Frances In The Gallery Of Stars
BULLYBONES – Non Plussed
FLIES ON YOU – Mysterious Jill
HALL OF GLASS – Silent Dream
THE B.HD. – The Lord Of Faith
THE CRAVATS – Terminus
SEX GANG CHILDREN – Oh Funny Man (live)

SUPERTOYS- Look At What You Made Me Do on That Indie Thing radio show with Rob which is on from 7pm GMT Sunday on or on Tune in Throughout December Rob will be running through his favorite 200 tracks that he has have played on the show in 2014 and guess what? We are in there 😉
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Stellarscope’s Ocean of Storms played on Loose Cannon Radio:

Loose Canon Playlist – Monday 13th October 2014

Smelt – Cheshire Postcode
The Sumo Kings – Sex Machina
Novanta – Light Changes
Stellarscope – Ocean Of Storms
Miss Mobile Home – Phototaxis
My Expansive Awareness – Space
Novanta – Windows
Moving Moscow – A Shape Has A Concept
Posture & The Grizzly – I Am Not A Real Doctor
The Manhattan Love Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You
Novanta – Worthless Whirls
Knuckle Puck – Oak Street
VLMA – Thumb Bucket
Oh, Rose – Lottery
Novanta – Novanta Song
Pattern is Movement – River
Bear In Heaven – Beast In Peace
Savage Sister – Huge Moves
Novanta – A Fever
I am your captain – As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops
Magic Love – Growing Organism
death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Gold Medal Winner
Man in Rug – Twilight Princess
Novanta – 2young2die

The featured album was Novanta’s ‘Best-Selling Dreams’.

Two hours of alternative/experimental/quirky pop/punk/post-punk/no wave/darkwave/shoegaze/psychedelia/dreampop and other assorted slices of musical excellence, plus talking – presented by Simon Edwards. Mondays 9 til 11pm, GMT+1.
The featured album was ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ from Novanta. #alternative #experimental #punk #postpunk #darkwave #newwave #shoegaze #psychedlia #dreampop

NBTMusicRadio regulars Panophonic have a new album out; ‘Sounds Of Desolation’ and we will be featuring tracks on both of our Midnight Madness hours.
Midnight Berlin time ( 11 PM UK/ 6 PM New York) and Midnight New York as well
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