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Pre-Order the new full length album by Philadelphia Post Punk artist Tom Lugo aka panophonic which includes “I can’t come home”, “Endlessly”, and “What can I do?- ftg Paul Baker of Static Daydream” will be released February 13, 2018 on Patetico Recordings!


Post-punk, indie-pop, and shoegaze come together in a harmonious cacophony of sound, textures, melodies, and bombastic beats.

Naughty games
Summer is at an end
I can’t come home
What can I do? ftg Paul Baker
We have today
Sweetest thing
See you again
Fade away
Because of you

“Newly peeled Panophonic loveliness, this one features a guest appearance from Paul Baker of Static Daydream. ‘what can I do’ be its name, demurred in the kind of dream draped dissolves that used to be the trademark trope of releases bearing the name Kitchens of Distinction upon their grooves, there’s something here that ought to in the first instance, catch the lobes of those folk fondly recalling the brief but very bright tenure of the Wilde Club family, here I’m very much thinking of a youthful Catherine Wheel, yet stand back and let the sound soak and what comes to fore is the irrefutable ghosting of a reflective Skyray sky signing in the vapour brushed grooves. Responsible for causing mild flutters of the heart around these here parts since appearing on our radar, latest from the Tom Lugo / Panophonic sound desk is the forlorn softly bruised fuzz drenched anthem ‘endlessly’, swooned in swallow diving shimmer tones that sour like a crestfallen Chapterhouse, this hurt honey rises to the bliss kissed subdued and statuesque arc of Toy, always a good thing don’t you find.” – Mark Barton of Losing Today

“I Can’t Come Home which introduces a less echoing fuzz to the forefront than much of the material previously featured, giving the piece a darker more melancholic air in which the listener can let their mind drift as the varying textures interweave creating a layering that on each play through allows new ideas to be discovered.”- Tim Whale at Emerging Indie Bands


“I can’t come home video” on YouTube

Thank you The Ark of Music for the kind words!!! “Having listened to countless acts as a music critic, I can safely announce that a tasteful amount of contrast is always key to producing a great body of work. That said, abstract in its composition—yet intentional in its mood and message—veteran indie-rockers Stellarscope have created that contrast masterfully in Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost. The group is to be commended for finding the courage to continually evolve and expand as artists.
Whose lovechild…?
Nine Inch Nails makes a record with The Cure…” Read the full review here: #postpunk #indierock #shoegazer #stellarscope #philadelphia

Merlin Prog reviews Stellarscope’s This is who we are
The result is often quite catchy music but with a subtle soreness. The dark undertones that are sometimes quite melancholy makes it all well worth listening to. Sometimes the music is intrusive and uncomfortable disposed on one, sometimes the rich and soft, while other times it is introspective and introverted. In short, dynamic and fresh music, and you never know where this musical bunny hopping hideous mess of a metaphor with both the explanatory and humorous aspect intact! In the past decade, the band released many albums and is constantly seeking to innovate and evolve. Let us immediately state that Stellarscope is one of those bands that run their own race without considering very much to others. In Stellarscope is the inspired and enthusiastic is almost a reflex, and it enjoys good listener off! In the course need not mean that the music is good, but the large vinyl disc as it helps with real and genuine music enjoyment. Just listen to “Just Like Flower” in all its high-octane glory, and with the sense of melody recognition! Or how dreamy “So Blind” with all their creativity and balanced and melodious and quiet keyboard parts fine flavored with veil reverberation. The band entertains us with various guitar motifs that are repeated, and that in itself is not that exciting. The spice that concept so that it becomes interesting is an arsenal of effects. Effects that delay, maintains and umpteen second stunts between the different frequencies of the explanation make any sense? Most importantly is that this really is exciting, interesting to listen to, and so we have the band’s lo-fi production then! Very, very proven, this ten track that sounds like it comes from an accidental recording on a four track issue in a random basement. In sum, then, this gives us an album with a high nostalgia factor, a reflective album where garasjepunkens attitude is strong. The album is certainly a hi-fi enthusiast’s worst nightmare, but for those who like psychedelic guitar music inspired fried in today’s filter and Stellarscope their creativity, this is a work noting. Although the guitar is the main instrument that is not the band off the road to let the keyboards get put something of the atmosphere. On the “Ready To Blow” is the layers of keyboards that create a nice outer space feeling. Before then thumping it with a rather rough rockhymne the drums and guitar recalls Hawkwind’s music to a certain extent. Towards the end it becomes a reasonable fuzz charged but also a gitarvirtuositet who are greedy good. “This Is Who We Are” is probably mostly an album for those who like the psychedelic and experimental, and many from the group of music fans will probably really love this album. We find it much exciting here, and find that this album has a lot of good music and of course a lot of creativity to offer. 20/06/2014 #indierock #postpunk #alternative #shoegaze #indie