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Stellarscope’s Ocean of Storms played on Loose Cannon Radio:

Loose Canon Playlist – Monday 13th October 2014

Smelt – Cheshire Postcode
The Sumo Kings – Sex Machina
Novanta – Light Changes
Stellarscope – Ocean Of Storms
Miss Mobile Home – Phototaxis
My Expansive Awareness – Space
Novanta – Windows
Moving Moscow – A Shape Has A Concept
Posture & The Grizzly – I Am Not A Real Doctor
The Manhattan Love Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You
Novanta – Worthless Whirls
Knuckle Puck – Oak Street
VLMA – Thumb Bucket
Oh, Rose – Lottery
Novanta – Novanta Song
Pattern is Movement – River
Bear In Heaven – Beast In Peace
Savage Sister – Huge Moves
Novanta – A Fever
I am your captain – As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops
Magic Love – Growing Organism
death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Gold Medal Winner
Man in Rug – Twilight Princess
Novanta – 2young2die

The featured album was Novanta’s ‘Best-Selling Dreams’.

Two hours of alternative/experimental/quirky pop/punk/post-punk/no wave/darkwave/shoegaze/psychedelia/dreampop and other assorted slices of musical excellence, plus talking – presented by Simon Edwards. Mondays 9 til 11pm, GMT+1.
The featured album was ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ from Novanta. #alternative #experimental #punk #postpunk #darkwave #newwave #shoegaze #psychedlia #dreampop


MICK MERCER RADIO Broadcast 7 – February 23rd 2014: FACTICE FACTORY – Kaugummi, BATZZ in the belfry – Nightfall, DVAR – R’lah, MARK SINNIS – Six Feet From Eternity, EYACULACIÓN POST MORTEM – Viva la Muerte, VERNEY 1826 – Oh Komm Oh Komm Emmanuel, Siiiii – The Crowded Self (short), DER HIMMEL UBER BERLIN – Birch Forest, THE WINGS OF DESIRE – Dead Town, KINDEST CUTS – Handsome Killer, STELLARSCOPE – Overblown, CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS – It Could Have Been Lust, MORGELLONS – Monochrome Soul, KENNELIS – GFY (Radio Edit), BEAT BATS – The Mummy’s Bracelet, THE WEBB – Falling Down, SYNDROME – Open The Gate, ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES – Access Denied, THE SPIRITUAL BAT – Sacrament, ELECTRIC PRESS KIT – Sayonara Baby (K mix), JOHNATHAN|CHRISTIAN – I Walk This Earth Alone (Leather Strip remix), HAMSAS13 – Tigers, HIDDEN PLACE – London To Rome (Psychic Force remix), SKI PATROL – Extinguish (Mark Lusardi 2014 Restoration remix), THE SOUND – Missiles, BLOOD & ROSES – Love Under Will, GENE LOVES JEZEBEL – Desire, JAMES STEVENSON – Go Mister!, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – For Her Light, ATARAXIA – Dragged By The Mood (Live), THE MARCH VIOLETS – London’s Drowning, THE JAM – All Around The World (Live), THE CLASH – Tommy Gun (Live), FACTICE FACTORY – Kaugummi.

Patetico Recordings is proud to present the release by Costa Rican experimental artist APF titled “Asket”

Patetico Recordings is proud to present the release by Costa Rican experimental artist APF title “Hypnos”

RELEASED TODAY: Philadelphia’s Noisepop Duo ShiShi’s debut full length titled Eternal Bliss. #indiepop #shoegaze #noisepop “Shishi has a kind of sound that flirts in the realm of Nine Inch Nails and Garbage.”- Sphere Music

Eternal Bliss will be available on CD through Amazon and Reverbnation in the next couple of weeks as well as through all major download retailers like Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.

Patetico Recordings releases of Joaquim Barato’s latest creation titled “Rivers”. Psychedelic bliss from Peru. Dream boys and girls dream. Available on CD, Downloads, and Ringtones

Patetico Recordings is proud to announce the self titled EP release by Celestial Bums – Psychedelic Fuzz Indie Rock from Barcelona Spain
Buy this CD here

On bandcamp

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