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Programa Transmission Lima 14-04-2015 featuring music by Panophonic, Frank (Just Frank), Also, Right Kinder, Lotus Feed, Beach Slang and more #goth #gothic #shoegaze  

Dazed and Confused Radio show 07/04/2015 features music by ShiShi​, NIGHT SINS​, The Merry Thoughts​, Bruch, Siouxsie And The Banshees​, UNUR​ and more.
#electronic #newwave #postpunk #synthpop #darkwave #alternative

New album by Philly indie- noise-pop artist Panophonic titled “Broken as we are” is out today. Elements of post punk, shoegaze, and indie pop blended cohesively into something new and refreshing.

Photo by the lovely Micheline Garavito
Available to download here
Available on CD here

DKFM Shoegaze Radio New Tracks Weekend, March 27-29 featuring Panophonic, Angel Falls, Hot Glass, Antethic, Fake Flowers, Eyes Behind the Veil, Debris Slide, megawave, Parrot Dream, Wild Ways, and so much more!!!

Last night’s cough-tastic show, in all it’s germ drenched glory!

Sharron Kraus – Blodeuwedd
The Skipping Forecast – Sinking Teeth
Edvard Graham Lewis – Prism Buzzard
Goat – Gathering of Ancient Tribes
Dieter Moebius – Inmedin
A Middle Sex – MRSA
C Duncan – Here to There
God Damn – We Don’t Like You
Craig & Yikii – Ghosten
Teeth Of The Sea – Up With People
Miss Kenichi – Who Are You?
Saif Mode – Tree House
Time Attendant – Inky’s Pitch
Shit and Shine – Goat $hit
Greg Fox – Homoplasmates
E GONE – Hazel Motes at the Plastic Vortex
Panophonic – Sweetness & Light
Gnod – Infinity Machines
Land Observations – From the Heights of the Simplon Pass
The Myrrors – Juanito Laguna
Chef Menteur – Immense Dimention

“A dark and apocalyptic vision, able to block our breathing with glacial reverbs and the frenetic pace of a dry and incessant beating of the drums, while the volume and the feedback fill theour lungs. Ghosts gothic-rock and post-punk splinters dazzle and strike us, leaving bruises, painful scar buttons like that bass that knows martial and become cathartic… ”

Read the full review here

Philly post punk band Stellarscope’s new album ‘Shades of Sadness and Sorrow” is now available for download.

on CD exclusively through Amazon

“Their angst ridden assault on your earholes are designed to heighten your senses & shake your inner core. ‘Stellarscope’ continue to release relevant, pioneering & awe inspiring music, not only for today’s bands to follow but also for future bands to get influenced by & in turn start the process of creating their own brand of music all over again.”- Del Chaney – The Primal Music Blog

“Nostalgia Kisses The Future with Shades of Sadness and Sorrow by Stellarscope
-Yup, nothing could represent the power of indie music that Philadelphia’s own Stellarscope. They are back with a new album called Shades of Sadness and Sorrow. They are improving on the sound that defines them as a band: a combination of 80’s post punk, dream pop and Gothic atmosphere.”- Baxter Labatos Sphere Music