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Patetico Records has released Broken As We Are by Panophonic.


It’s always nice when someone spends of their valuable time reviewing your music. Thank you so very much Sphere Music for the kind words. Sphere Music review: Patetico Recordings has released Broken As We Are by Panophonic


Patetico Recordings is proud to present Lazy Room’s latest release Native Narrative. Indonesian Shoegaze/Indiepop Available on CD, MP3, and Ringtones

The best indiepop – shoegaze – noise artists from around the world. Take a listen and get hooked!

Artists from Australia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Peru, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, USA, UK, France, and more.


Plus, check out the Rock Back for Japan 8 disc Disaster Relief Fund compilation series… over 100 of the best ambient, shoegaze, indiepop, alternative artist from allover the world…. every continent was represented!