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Stellarscope’s latest release, ‘Standing In The Shadow Of Your Ghost’, is infused with what could easily be found in your early 80’s alternative scene with bands like The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Bauhaus and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They’ve masterfully taken bits and pieces from the Post Punk era and brought them forward into today’s realm…..

Many thanks Tom Lugo and Stellarscope for taking the time for Torched Magazine!

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An Interview with Tom Lugo of Sellarscope and Panophonic

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The Blog that Celebrates Itself interviews Rebecca Basye of The Emerald Down. They talk about their reissues with Saint Marie Records Mentioned are the bands Stellarscope, Skywave, Highspire, Alcian Blue, Presents For Sally, Strata Florida, Static Daydream, 93 Million Miles From The Sun, Seasurfer, The Churchhill Garden, Bloody Knives,Consolidated, Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, Asian Dub Foundation, Stone Roses, J&MC, Ride, and more.


Thanks to Overblown​ Zine for spotlighting our REVOLUTION shoegaze compilation & for interviewing all the bands involved! Learn what is behind these songs by Stellarscope​, rev rev rev​, Duelectrum​, Intenna​, Magao,  JAGUWAR​, Spool, Puna Banda​, Damascus, and The Yours​. Thanks Jamie Coughlan!  Compilation out on Ear to Ear Records​ Gerpfast Kolektif​. Special thanks to Shameless Promotion PR​ for being the best people to have in our corner. Much ❤ and respect to all!!!!

Skope Interview with Philly postpunk indierock band Stellarscope ‪#‎postpunk‬‪#‎indierock‬ ‪#‎philly‬ ‪#‎stellarscope‬

This week’s featured #YLN Vidcast is with Philly post-punk/shoegaze band, Stellarscope! This includes two live, plugged-in performances never before attempted by these guys! Check it out now!

Tom, Bob and Ed from Stellarscope stopped by the studio to talk about the band and their latest album, “The End is Near, I’m Not Prepared”. Stellarscope is made up of veteran musicians who just love to play and create songs. Led by Tom Lugo, the band is constantly challenging themselves when it comes to their music, building a distinct style that definitely stands out. Their passion for their music is very evident and we had a lot of fun hanging with Stellarscope. Check out the Vidcast and let us know what you think of it and the site in general.

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Tune in or Video Stream live tonight Monday June 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM (eastern time) for a live Stellarscope interview with Your Local Note You can video stream the show live. Stellarscope will be talking about the band, playing some acoustic versions of our songs (this is a first…lol), and more #postpunk #shoegaze #indierock #philly #local #music #stellarscope #badass