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“Fifty-one bands from all around the world have joined their hearts and music together to pay tribute to one of the most passionate music enthusiasts that the shoegaze community has ever known. Premiering today, June 29th, at The Big Takeover is a compilation affectionately titled For The Love of Chris Tressler, dedicated to the memory of this amazing man.”



In this Wednesday, July 10, aired at 7 pm the 14 th edition of the Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos on Antena Zero , and as usual very nice things happening on the program.
Between new and classic, Spiritualized , Loomer , Ceticências , ShiShi , Neubauten , Rapture and some more good music where featured for an hour.
The complete setlist is below and the video of the week, which is “Season of the bitch”, by ShiShi. Recalling that the PCP airs every Wednesday promptly at 7 pm Brazilian time, and retransmits every Saturdays at 8 am. To listen, just click .
And remember: “We do not play what you want to hear, we play what you need to hear!”
Pequenos Clássicos Perdidos 14

!!! – Station (Meet me at the)
The Rapture – House of jealous lovers
Wire – Pink Flag

Rainbow Arabia – Three moons
Pink Industry – pain of pride
ShiShi – Season of the bitch

Einsturzende Neubauten – ZNS
Ceticências – Motorcycle gang
Andy Stott – Luxury problems

Spiritualized – Anyway that you want me
Whirr – Junebovier
Loomer – Ghosts

The Shoegaze Collective Sounds “Compilation” (2011)

01 Stellarium “Any Day Is Fine”
02 Lautmusik “Invisible Shield”
03 Spell 336 “Tears Of Sky”
04 Loomer ” All Gone”
05 Drowner “Chime”
06 Asalto Al Parque Zoologico “Breeze”
07 Data Unit “For Your Smile”
08 93 Million Miles From The Sun “July Sky”
09 Starfire Connective Sound “Acid Morning Ride”
10 Stellarscope “Still Standing”
11 Transmission ” Missing”
12 Chatham Rise “In Skies”
13 Screen Vinyl Image “Slipping Away”
14 Bela Infanta “Refratário”
15 Autumn’s Grey Solace “Gondwanaland”
16 Lavalsa “She Floats”
17 Morpheme “Stratosphere”
18 Acaena Eterna “Michelia”
19 Herod Layne “Prelude For Anticipation”
20 [aftersun] “Old Dreams Are Not Innocent”
21 Her Vanish Grace “Countdown”
22 The Tamborines “Come Togheter”
23 Curchilhill Garden “Lost Vocal Version”