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Cheng’s Martial Arts and Universal Systems of Martial Arts Annual Banquet




Honored to have been an invited guest for Mataw Guros Louelle Lledo and Andy Sanano hosted a formal seminar and book signing event for their new book, FMA Education: Fundamental Core of Arnis de Mano.



The ceremony last night for the graduates was beautiful and thank you for letting us share in such a proud moment for our youth!

I felt compelled to follow up with each of you to make sure I voice my opposition to this bill. I understand from a business perspective why this has been brought to the table as an option but I feel this is not a long-term solution to a longer term problem. Let’s not put a band aid on a bullet wound and dig a hole we cannot get out of for our kids. Please.

Our goal is to provide the best education opportunities for our kids. Funding directly impacts this and I realize the first and major idea is to cut staff and programs but I feel that is backwards. We need to start with administration, vendors, and other budget areas and cut back in those FIRST.

We cannot afford this short term solution just as much as the “realignment” is wrong for our kids. As a community, many other parents and I are trying to find alternate solutions to present but also try fund raising to help bridge the gap in the loss our district is facing. Many of us are educated professionals with backgrounds that equip us to bring real value to these conversations. Let’s build a real solution that is strategic verses tactical?

PLEASE have faith in us. I realize many people in the community are angry and frustrated and they do not always communicate this in the best ways. I think it is human nature to lash out when one feels threatened; right now, the education of our children is threatened. However, the fundamental denominator here is that we ALL want the best solution for our children. Education is not supposed to be about money and politics. It is about our kids. I think that vision was lost somewhere along the way.

With all due respect, I had to warn you based on the statements and conversations I have heard from MANY people in this area since the April realignment was presented:

Overall the decisions made over the next month by the board will directly impact our kids, our teachers, our community, and all of you as professionals. In the future when elections come about, people in this community will remember the actions or lack of actions taken to do the best for our children. This issue will follow this administration and board for years to come.

We are trying to work with you but if we cannot get straight answers, the required info in enough time to review and respond or responses to emails/calls, etc. it plants a seed of distrust and uncertainty that should NOT be there. There should NOT be a disconnect between the board/administration/community.

I am pleading with ALL of you to PLEASE stop doing “business as usual”. Remember why you decided to take the career paths you have and be sure to show the highest level of integrity when making the decisions you make; we want to see as we elected you to be “our leaders” representing what we want. “Fighting to the death” – as Mrs. Carey once said in a meeting.

We need to trust you to do what is right and what is best for our kids. As parents, you know that this is a very important and a critical fight that we need to do together.

PLEASE do not support Bill 855 and DO NOT approve the realignment proposal.

Thank you again for your time and efforts. I am here if there are any questions or needs to get more support to do the best we can as a team. See you again at the next meeting…

Best wishes,

Jamie Lugo