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A tribute to Skywave- One of the most under-rated bands in the USA gets a deserving tribute!
Featuring The Offering, A Place To Bury Strangers, Static Daydream, Screen Vinyl Image, Stellarscope, The Vera Violets, Whorish Boorish, Lautmusik, The Prids, and many more!


Thanks to Overblown​ Zine for spotlighting our REVOLUTION shoegaze compilation & for interviewing all the bands involved! Learn what is behind these songs by Stellarscope​, rev rev rev​, Duelectrum​, Intenna​, Magao,  JAGUWAR​, Spool, Puna Banda​, Damascus, and The Yours​. Thanks Jamie Coughlan!  Compilation out on Ear to Ear Records​ Gerpfast Kolektif​. Special thanks to Shameless Promotion PR​ for being the best people to have in our corner. Much ❤ and respect to all!!!!

New album by Philly indie- noise-pop artist Panophonic titled “Broken as we are” is out today. Elements of post punk, shoegaze, and indie pop blended cohesively into something new and refreshing.

Photo by the lovely Micheline Garavito
Available to download here
Available on CD here

Revista The 13th interviews Tom Lugo about his musical ventures Stellarscope, Panophonic, Under The Wire, Super Toys, and my label Patetico Recordings. It is a very detailed interview in a great print Argentinian Magazine. Also featured are Mark Peters, Droopy Electro, Iguana Lovers, Darwin Evolved, a feature on legendary blues guitarist Robert Johnson, and more. La entrevista es en español.

The Primal Music Blog ““Their angst ridden assault on your earholes are designed to heighten your senses & shake your inner core. ‘Stellarscope’ continue to release relevant, pioneering & awe inspiring music, not only for today’s bands to follow but also for future bands to get influenced by & in turn start the process of creating their own brand of music all over again. “

via ALBUM REVIEW: Stellarscope – Shades Of Sadness And Sorrow (Patetico Recordings).