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The Primal Music Blog ““Their angst ridden assault on your earholes are designed to heighten your senses & shake your inner core. ‘Stellarscope’ continue to release relevant, pioneering & awe inspiring music, not only for today’s bands to follow but also for future bands to get influenced by & in turn start the process of creating their own brand of music all over again. “

via ALBUM REVIEW: Stellarscope – Shades Of Sadness And Sorrow (Patetico Recordings).


“‘The Primal Radio Show’ return’s tonight from the special time of 9PM BST for it’s ‘VERY LAST LIVE SHOW’ over on @raug001 with an absolutely cracking episode, celebrating an immense compilation of amazing shoegazing artist’s from all around the globe! We are spinning 30 track’s by all 30 artist’s featured on the forthcoming (11th Feb) free to download – Ear to Ear Records & Gerpfast Kolektif Record’s compilation: Revolution – ‘The Shoegaze Revival’. This week’s show will feature all of these amazing artists in no particular order:

Duelectrum Trementina //orangenoise ShareSprings Thud Ether FeelsDIGILITE Lights That Change Intenna JAGUWAR rev rev revCLUSTERSUN Slow Motion Picture Ummagma Hideous Towns Hermetic Delight Blood Lips Damascus, Spool, Wozniak seaside id, The Yours,Stellarscope Weird, Stella Diana MAGAO Robsongs the evening primrosePUNA & Sounds of Sputnik

It all kicks off at 9PM BST tonight!! – – Tune In & Support this mammoth release. Big thank you to Shameless Promotion PR, DKFM Shoegaze Radio, Oyèmi Noize – Shoegaze Love RAUG The Record Stache& every other blog for spreading the good word, plus all of the band’s & every single other person involved in the inception/creation/promotion of this epic release from all around the globe.

We have one more article to post up on relating to this compilation, featuring the final 10 Band’s on this epic release! That article will go up over the weekend. Stay tuned.

I would also like to thank everybody for supporting the live show every Friday night. You listening in & commenting on the amazing shoegaze tracks that we played regularly helped us immensely! Keep your eyes & ears peeled over the next few weeks for something massive! We haven’t gone away you know! ” smile emoticon

The PRIMALRADIO show Live Tonght From 10PM BST with Panophonic, Ummagma, and many more
@raug001@pateticorecords ( Panophonic ) & @Ummagma #shoegaze