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Stellarscope Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
The extraordinarily prolific Tommy Lugo has recorded no less than 9 albums under one guise or another. Stellarscope is his shoegazing pseudonym but despite the high work-rate it shows no signs of a flagging talent. In fact, just the opposite, ‘Reverberations’ is a clear development in songwriting following on from 2004’s ‘Fingerpaint The Colour Of Sound’. Whereas previously Lugo opperated in the Spiritualized/Ride margins of FX-rock, the space-rock has been replaced by spaces which means the music is allowed to breathe. All the qualities are there in first song ‘Alma’ as the fragments of guitar noise disappear into vapour trails. The slowed-down drums and ambient sounds of ‘Dominio’ are on a par with Breathless’ ‘Blue Moon’ recordings whilst the sampled voices and chilled-out tune of ‘Universe’ completes a cracking start to the album. Further on, the beauty of a Cocteau Twins instrumental is captured on ‘Circles Are None’. Another example of why the shoegazing scene is alive and as well as ever.
Album Reviews

  Track Listing
Standout Track Alma
02 Dominio
03 Universe
04 The Rapture
05 Circles Are None
06 She Said: It Is
07 Close To Home
08 It Is Time…
09 Lost Inside
Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews