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The Blog that Celebrates Itself interviews Rebecca Basye of The Emerald Down. They talk about their reissues with Saint Marie Records Mentioned are the bands Stellarscope, Skywave, Highspire, Alcian Blue, Presents For Sally, Strata Florida, Static Daydream, 93 Million Miles From The Sun, Seasurfer, The Churchhill Garden, Bloody Knives,Consolidated, Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, Asian Dub Foundation, Stone Roses, J&MC, Ride, and more.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” Got That Feeling ” A Tribute To Skywave.

A tribute to Skywave- One of the most under-rated bands in the USA gets a deserving tribute!
Featuring The Offering, A Place To Bury Strangers, Static Daydream, Screen Vinyl Image, Stellarscope, The Vera Violets, Whorish Boorish, Lautmusik, The Prids, and many more!

THE BLOG THAT CELEBRATES ITSELF radio # 83 featuring music by THEE HYPNOTICS, YO LA TENGO, STELLARSCOPE, CHAPTERHOUSE, SUNKEN SEAS, and more. #shoegaze #indiepop #indierock

The White Album, by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records featuring Super Toys, Sobre Maquina, The Waves, Royal Mile Drive, and more. #shoegaze #dreampop #indiepop #indierock

Tom Lugo is just one of those people worthy of admiration of every kind, and serves as an inspiration to anyone who believes in dreams and in itself, is the fact that the fan is TBTCI stated this phenomenal guy, not only for the work ahead of Stellarscope called equity as well as his alter ego Panophonic, not content with that, Tom decided to join musically beside his wife Jamie and we have enjoyed with ShiShi, a mix of dubstep, new wave, dreampop, shoegazer and darkwave, game won, starting with Tom, but what impresses debut in Nick of Time is Jamie, she literally steals the show in a tense and chaotic interpretation, already one of the songs of the year.

Logically TBTCI together with Tom and Jamie pitched an interview to better know the intentions of the couple and that couple!!

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First post of 2012, returning in full force TBTCI start the year with a lot of ambition and numerous projects to be touched in the course of the year and to start it in style in presenting firsthand the combo Polish Karate Free Stylers hint more perfect friend Tom Lugo, card-carrying social TBTCI chi and the unsuspecting owner of Patetico Recordings, home of Karate Free Stylers, Stellarscope heritage and mentor. For many reasons the debut of a band of Goofy has to do with the projects of the year, but that’s another story, and here is time and place of the KFS, Polish post punkers with a content of aggression absurd to take the breath of those who is ahead, the smoky atmosphere mixed with an abrasive noise APTBS is latent, the guitars scream, cry out for attention, the cold climate of the songs will be extended throughout the debut At Least We Are Able to Breathe, it is possible punk icy and cold, read the Sound, Joy Division involves the area Noiser APTBS without taking nor by a crazed gun shooting for all without any pity. And as usual the first interview of the year with full support of Tom Lugo, SARS and SRS Karate Free Stylers


EP: At Least We’re Able To Breathe (Patetico Recordings)
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