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Release date: Nov 7, 2017 “Rock Back: Stronger than the storm” a compilation in support of victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Over 50 tracks from artists from all around the globe have contributed their music to “Rock Back: Stronger than the storm” Disaster Relief Compilation to be released on Patetico Recordings.

Cover art by: Andy Jossi


  1. BNLX – Penny Drops (USA)
  2. The Churchhill Garden – Breath (Switzerland )
  3. Vibrissae – Incident Report (USA)
  4. Chiaroscuro – Empty Apartment (USA)
  5. BEATASTIC – Nothing Will Be The Same This Year (MWYDU remix) (UK)
  6. Flamingo Chicks – Mountain Bunny (USA)
  7. Fragile Tom – Removed From Fiction (Germany)
  8. Lusterlit – Flight (USA)
  9. Ummagma – Human Factor (Canada/Ukraine)
  10. Whimsical – Beautiful Virtue (USA)
  11. The Sorry Shop – Queen Of The North (Brazil)
  12. Tomorrow Forever – Do You Feel What I Feel (Italy)
  13. Dani Mari & Chris Miller – Emerald City (USA)
  14. Remora – Sayme (USA)
  15. Angel Falls – No Breeze (Long Version) (USA)
  16. Creature in The Spiral – Anodyne (USA)
  17. ArTLs – Eternity (USA)
  18. CLUSTERSUN – The Whirling Dervish 08:04 (Italy)
  19. Gustavo Leyes – No Me Miras 03:09
  20. Entre-Knobs – Xmas not so much (feat. Rob Boyd) (Argentina)
  21. Cascadia Fault Line – Tide to the moon (UK)
  22. Distant Creatures – Faith (USA)
  23. Blackpool Astronomy – In the wake of the night (USA)
  24. Periscope – Green Onions (UK)
  25. The Corrupting Sea – Horizon (USA)
  26. Soft Skies Inc – Top of the stars (USA)
  27. NAX – Siguiendo a las estrellas (Argentina)
  28. Alison Clancy – ET Phone Home (USA)
  29. My Favourite Things – A little closer (USA)
  30. Noise Cluster – Disasteriod KA (Italy)
  31. Painted Mirror – Tell me maybe (USA)
  32. MINT THE BAND – A horror story (USA)
  33. New Zero God – Tarrot Card Reader (Greece)
  34. New Nobility – Rebel hero (Australia)
  35. Bleach Bath – Shampoo (Canada)
  36. Clarence Mayhew – Irma judges you (USA)
  37. Red Crickets – My deviance (Finland)
  38. Violentene – Denial (Canada/US)
  39. THE QUESTION (eLaMoRTe) – Arian Rhod (mourning version) (Colombia)
  40. Two Way Analog – Not too late (UK)
  41. Sounds of Sputnik – Shades of the cosmos (Russia)
  42. The Skating Party – Strangled by stars (USA)
  43. The Raft – Glad I don’t know (UK)
  44. Sana Obruent – Adumbra Lineamenta Satis Quieta (USA)
  45. City of Dawn – Through our eyes (USA)
  46. El Ultimo Espacio Identico – Dos meses (Argentina)
  47. Parsons Rocket Project – Exit launch (USA)
  48. Lux’s Dream – Type 4 (France)
  49. The Age of Colored Lizards – Wake Up (Norway)
  50. Fir Cone Children – Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Germany)
  51. Tiananmen – The sun remains (Guatemala)
  52. The Blue Hour – Block the sound (USA)
  53. REV REV REV – We can but dream (Italy)
  54. Gr3g Hunt – Irma (USA)
  55. Whyme – Toda tu vida en un dia (Mexico)
  56. Panophonic – After the storm (USA)


The concept of the Rock Back compilation series was born in 2011 when disaster hit Japan and Tom Lugo, Patetico Recordings’ label owner who is very passionate about helping causes and non-profit organizations, decided to reach out to the community of artists he has in his network to put together a compilation with profits being donated to relief efforts. The response was overwhelming, over 100 artists all over the world joined to together in the efforts. What was to be a single CD compilation grew to an 8 disc compilation titled “Rock Back for Japan”.

The compilation series hit the top 10 Indie Rock releases on’s chart for several weeks as well as certain volumes holding the number 1 spot.

Since then Patetico Recordings has released the benefit compilations “Rock Back: Animal Rescue”, “Rock back for Ecuador”, “Rock Back for Haiti”

“Whenever Tom Lugo reaches out to his musical family you know it’s for a crucial and essential cause, The Rock Back for Nepal CD compilation is no exception. I’m proud to be part of this relief effort / fund raiser for anyone affected by the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal and if I can help or contribute in some way to aid support and assistance to the many displaced people I will without question. Please support this cause and donate as generously as you can.” -Dean Garcia

“It is a horrible tragedy this destruction of culture and life. I feel lucky that I can use my craft and contribute a song to this fund to help them raise money for relief. If we can all do something to help and give relief for the people of Nepal we should do it now.” – Oliver Ackermann

Thank you Revista The 13th for reviewing Stellarscope’s new album “Standing in the shadow of your ghost”. In addition check out the interview with our friends Resplandor and a song by song review of Slowdive’s new record by people in the scene like Pedro Damian (Shoegazer Alive), Rebecca Bayse (The Emerald Down), Nick Noble (93MillionMilesFromTheSun),Tom Lugo (Stellarscope), Gardy Perez Ruiz (Un-Real), Roman Kalitkin (Sounds of Sputnik), David Yépez (Sexores), and Orquídea (Banda peruana).
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Shameless Promotion PR:  The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas presents music from Pattern Language‘s debut album ‘Total Squaresville’, forthcoming via London-based Happy Robots Records, and Stellarscope via Patetico Recordings, as well as New Zero God ~ as presented on KOWS Community Radio Occidental, CA, Fasching Web Radio and ~ catch the playback below.

Stellarscope’s ‘Living In A Haze’ will be featured on That Indie Thing with Rob. Tune in for all the fuzzy and glorious left of dial bands Rob plays on his great show!

The show is on from 7-10pm GMT Friday and Sunday

Friday 13th: or Tune in on
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The Primal Music Blog ““Their angst ridden assault on your earholes are designed to heighten your senses & shake your inner core. ‘Stellarscope’ continue to release relevant, pioneering & awe inspiring music, not only for today’s bands to follow but also for future bands to get influenced by & in turn start the process of creating their own brand of music all over again. “

via ALBUM REVIEW: Stellarscope – Shades Of Sadness And Sorrow (Patetico Recordings).

MICK MERCER RADIO  broadcast 56 playlist:
ALIEN SEX FIEND – Dead And Re-buried
FLIES ON YOU – Hangdog
CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA – The Stars Can’t Frighten Part 1
FADED FLOWERS – Sunset Drive
THE B.H.D. My Egyptian
MOTH – In The Headlights
SECRET SIDE PROJECT – Body Is The New Frontier (Of ADV)
THE DANSE SOCIETY – There Is No Shame In Death
MENTAL WARD – Killing Creation
PALOMA FAITH – Stone Cold Sober
PLAY DEAD – Isabel
PLAY DEAD – Blood Stains Pleasure
DRAIN THE DOVES – Rainflowers
THE UMBRELLA – Persuaders
MISSION OF BURMA – Academy Fight Song
SINGING NUN – Dominique
NOMEANSNO – Joyful Reunion
STIFFS, INC – Mary Pickford, Marry Me
THE B.H.D. – Nothing More To Give
GOLDEN APES – Vengeance
VIOLENT SKY – Frances In The Gallery Of Stars
BULLYBONES – Non Plussed
FLIES ON YOU – Mysterious Jill
HALL OF GLASS – Silent Dream
THE B.HD. – The Lord Of Faith
THE CRAVATS – Terminus
SEX GANG CHILDREN – Oh Funny Man (live)
The Reverb: This week’s show is up, music from My Bloody Valentine, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Presents for sally, Stellarscope, The High Dials, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Telescopes (Official), Tibican , Deepfieldview and many more #shoegaze and #dreampop

Stellarscope’s Ocean of Storms played on Loose Cannon Radio:

Loose Canon Playlist – Monday 13th October 2014

Smelt – Cheshire Postcode
The Sumo Kings – Sex Machina
Novanta – Light Changes
Stellarscope – Ocean Of Storms
Miss Mobile Home – Phototaxis
My Expansive Awareness – Space
Novanta – Windows
Moving Moscow – A Shape Has A Concept
Posture & The Grizzly – I Am Not A Real Doctor
The Manhattan Love Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You
Novanta – Worthless Whirls
Knuckle Puck – Oak Street
VLMA – Thumb Bucket
Oh, Rose – Lottery
Novanta – Novanta Song
Pattern is Movement – River
Bear In Heaven – Beast In Peace
Savage Sister – Huge Moves
Novanta – A Fever
I am your captain – As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops
Magic Love – Growing Organism
death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Gold Medal Winner
Man in Rug – Twilight Princess
Novanta – 2young2die

The featured album was Novanta’s ‘Best-Selling Dreams’.

Two hours of alternative/experimental/quirky pop/punk/post-punk/no wave/darkwave/shoegaze/psychedelia/dreampop and other assorted slices of musical excellence, plus talking – presented by Simon Edwards. Mondays 9 til 11pm, GMT+1.
The featured album was ‘Best-Selling Dreams’ from Novanta. #alternative #experimental #punk #postpunk #darkwave #newwave #shoegaze #psychedlia #dreampop

Emerging Indie Bands features Philly post-punk hereos Stellarscope’s new demo track ‘Face first in the dirt’ #indierocknroll #indiepop #shoegazer

Philly postpunk rockers STELLARSCOPE featured in UKs Its Punky! Radio – x rated chat, punk music, comedy, podcast

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Goopa! Goopa!

It’s Punky! Radio’s ninth birthday! I’m not letting Tony off without telling you what’s occurring, though…

“Happy Birthday to us! To help us celebrate our 9th Birthday, yes that’s right our 9TH BIRTHDAY, we are joined in the studio by The Tuesday Club! If that’s not enough to boggle your coggle then get ready for some great songs from The 99ers, The Dustaphonics, Death Party UK, Tuesday Club, TV Eye, Stellarscope, Restless and Useless Eaters.

9 years and still not getting paid, hello to (2/7ths of) The Tuesday Club, Comedy Suburbs, MFC Chicken, Tony has your Facebook comments, why happened to Bear?, we talk to The Tuesday Club, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the 12 bar, we talk soft cheese, World Cup final, no Izzatwat, another quick chat with The Tuesday Club and thanks for listening!

Song 1: The 99ers – Skeeter Hop
Song 2: The Dustaphonics – Rockin’ Boogaloo
Song 3: Death Party UK – The Last Ride
Song 4: Tuesday Club – New Glamour
Song 5: TV Eye – The Royal Family
Song 6: Stellarscope – Overblown
Song 7: Restless – Abracadabra
Song 8: Useless Eaters – I Think She Wants To Find Out”

…Blimey – it really is coggleboggling!

Download NOW via and thanks for listening…