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“Fifty-one bands from all around the world have joined their hearts and music together to pay tribute to one of the most passionate music enthusiasts that the shoegaze community has ever known. Premiering today, June 29th, at The Big Takeover is a compilation affectionately titled For The Love of Chris Tressler, dedicated to the memory of this amazing man.”



3 Robots Records and Patetico Recordings is proud to present the first single “Quiero Despertar” by dream pop band MAYU.
MAYU is a Spanish and English dream pop project from places unknown. ‘Quiero Despertar’ is their first single and it will be available on the “Rock Back for Haiti” disaster recovery compilation available on Patetico Recordings in late November.
MAYU is:
Ulises- Vocals, Programming, Guitars, Synths
Gardy (Un.Real / The Artificial Shadow Band) – Guitars, Synths

Lyrics by Ulises
Todo tiene su lugar
en las estrellas escrito el final
El fuego de los dioses quiero robar

Las paredes quiero derrumbar
La inquietud voy ha desagollar
La decadencia voy ha celebrar
El fuego de los dioses quiero robar

Quiero despertar… Sueno sin final


New FORKSTER Category Segment Driving Towards Atmospheric Rock Genres Thriving in The NOW! Panophonic song chosen to exemplify the sound!!!
Ambient Rock/Dream Pop/Garage Rock/Jangle Pop/Post-Punk/Psychedelic Pop/Psychedelic Rock/Psychobilly/Rockabilly/SHOEGAZE/Space Rock #shoegaze #dreampop #jangle #ambient #rock #psych #spacerock
Brilliant Artwork Created by L.Jones at Initiative Designs

Show #125 (13th March 2015)

This week’s show included much new music, as well as re-visiting some recent favourites. Enjoy!
Ekoplekz – Entropy Flash
Microchip Junky – Slapdash
Shit and Shine – Cowboy Hat
Nothing People – Dirty Kiss
Tim Held – Black Friday
White Manna – Evil
Chef Menteur – Phallus Marinarus
Vamonos P – Sandman
Dead Meadow – Dusty Nothing
Warrior Squares – The Pelham Rotation
The Mirrors – Arena Negra
Lunar Twin – Sirens
Synesect – The Lovers
Slows – Side 2
Svan Darc – Purge (Part 3)
Chef Menteur – Death Wraith 2000
Stellarscope – Ocean of Storms
Lumerians – Hook for an Eye RMX

SUPERTOYS- Look At What You Made Me Do on That Indie Thing radio show with Rob which is on from 7pm GMT Sunday on or on Tune in Throughout December Rob will be running through his favorite 200 tracks that he has have played on the show in 2014 and guess what? We are in there 😉
#indierock #shoegaze #electropop #indie #psych #punk

Stellarscope- Wasted Time EP

Stellarscope – Wasted Time EP
November 26, 2004 by lkilcrease

Wasted Time EP
What is it about the sound of crashing waves that is so relaxing? The experience is entirely destructive, chaotic, and most of all raucous, yet one can hardly help but feel awash in serenity merely sitting and listening to the pounding surf. Well, the veteran space-pop group Stellarscope has managed to plug directly into this sensation with their latest offering, the Wasted Time EP.
In Wasted Time, the folks in Stellarscope play space pop driven slowly forward by bass and drums as the guitars, vocals, and “space violin” build a massive wall of chaotic yet tranquillizing noise. The group borrows heavily and unabashedly from genre definer My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, right down to the blurry cover art. Singer, Tommy Lugo’s vocals are distant and mournfull, often harkening back to the late Ian Curtis.
The first track on this EP opens rather deceptively with a bassline cruising at a brisk pace and transforming into a Joy Division-esque song containing what could very well be the only decipherable words on the EP, as Lugo can be heard muttering “Maybe today is a good day to die.” The next five tracks on the EP are one wall of sound after another, and even though none of them stand out particularly in my mind, they really don’t have to.
While Stellarscope’s Wasted Time probably won’t be likely leave a lasting impression on the listener, the 24 minutes of gentle swagger and aimless bliss it induces make up for this in spades. You’ve definitely got to be in the right mood to enjoy this type of music, but when that mood strikes you and you’ve got a half-hour to kill, Stellarscope’s Wasted Time is surely a stone-cold lock.

Audio Kings of the third world, Lapses, Panophonic at The Nut Hut
Friday, June 6 at 8:00pm
Come on out for a night of sexy pulsating sounds and visuals!

Audio Kings of the third world
Up from the basements of Philadelphia Pa., the Audio Kings of the third world mesh together Garage, Punk, New Wave and Electronica. Using loops, beats, noise, feedback, guitars, bass and synthesizers to create a Post Punk Wall Of Sound. Gravitating between the spacey and the aggressive, their commitment to pop structure and contrasting indie sensibility evokes Joy Division, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four and The Fall. Set your Rock N’ Roll Phasers to stun, here come the Audio Kings of the third world.

Lapses is a solo retrowave act using live anolog synths controlled by Matt Cannon (former mem of lo-fi act TIME GHOST) Ranging in pulsating melodies hinting at 80’s new wave, to sinister synth hooks. Think of other retrowave artists like, Kavinsky, lazerhawk, and Miami nights 1984.


Singer songwriter Tom Lugo hailing from the Southwest Suburbs of Philadelphia. Blends pop song-writing, ethereal guitar soundscapes, bleeps, noises, samples, electronic beats, & floating vocals.
His other projects are Electro Indiepop Nugaze duo ShiShi, Darkwave project Under the wire with Jason Ellis, an experimental groove noise project SUPER TOYS with SPC ECO’s Joey Levenson, shoegaze grunge band Stellarscope, laid back psych rock band Drowning Dreams, and more.

Plus special dj throughout the night GHOSTINTHEHILLS

More Details to come

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